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Kronos Logo

Kronos is a company related to the zombie virus outbreak, but it is little known. The company also provided funding for Dr. Rex ’s research at the Rex Institute ’s Super Soldier Program as well as Vanguard Corporation military operations.

Appearance in game[]

There are several clues or hints of appearance of Kronos in game:


Port gfx
Main article: Port
Many dry cargo containers with Kronos logo can be found in this map.

Zsh hellride cso
Main article: Hell Ride
There's a lot of dry container found in this map with Kronos logo.

Known characters[]

Ma alice
Main article: Alice
Having grown up in the United States as an adopted daughter in an emerging political family, Alice joins the defense system at Kronos as if it was a part of her destined fate. Having been assigned with support troops that handle NHP equipment and spending her time in routine training programs, she has no idea that she will experience actual battle very soon.

Jacob msg
Main article: Douglas Jacob
Douglas Jacob is the president of Kronos Company. In Last Ride chapter, Crono Wing and Soi revealed that he is the person that provides Dr. Rex funds for Super Soldier Project. In Episode Lucia and Rendezvous, his Kronos containers that contain Deimos and Ganymede to spread zombie virus have been discovered. In Episode Carlito, he betrayed Carlito after having Carlito doing a sample acquisition mission and sabotaging the Vanguard Company during the process.

Main article: Cyborg
A human who was transformed into a living weapon by Kronos. He was rescued, without consent, from a life-threatening injury through an experimental surgery. His only motivation is completing the missions he's been assigned.

Agent ritsuka
Main article: Agent Ritsuka
Born in Asia, Ritsuka wandered from one war zone to the next and grew in the midist of battle. She is currently under the employ of Kronos to kidnap or murder those who dare to resist the company. After being placed under heavy scrutiny due to the failed kidnapping of Choi Ji Yoon, she hid her affiliation and personally engages in mission to ensure their success.


Main article: Browning M2HB heavy machine gun
There's Kronos logo printed on the weapon barrel.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-15
A trial assault rifle developed by the Kronos company fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module which can detect the presence of zombies with its thermal scope. When using the module, it is used as a tactical sniper rifle.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-90
A special submachine gun manufactured by Kronos using 50 specially-designed cartridges of 5.7mm ammunition. It is equipped with a Hunter Killer module, activating a tactical scanner after landing enough shots on-target. Thermal vision shows zombie locations through walls.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-12
This is a shotgun fed with 30 rounds of 12 Gauge Thermal. It is a test weapon developed by Kronos Company equipped with Hunter Killer module. If the zombies are hit more than a certain number of times, it will detect zombies and Tactical Scanning Auto Firing feature will be activated.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-7
This is a test machine gun developed by Kronos that uses 150 rounds of 7.62mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module and can detect zombies. You can take advantage of the Tactical Scanning Fire feature.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-45
This 15-round .45 pistol has a stable balance and Hunter Killer module that allows you to use Tactical Scanning mode to detect zombies if you hit them more than a certain number of times.

Main article: Arbalest
A secret weapon created by Kronos with the Cosmic Stone stolen from the Aegis Institute. Its basic attack causes an intermittent explosion, the <Cosmic Wave> that attacks an entire area and causes an additional attack on the target area if sustained long enough, the <Cosmic Black Hole> that fires a black hole ahead to cause damage, and the <Cosmic Armor> that automatically protect against zombie attacks.


Bosshp bg left cronobotics53
Main article: Crono Athletic
One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed under experimental state. He was sent by Douglas based on Ahn Soi coordinate during her contact with Jennifer to track their location and ambush them at the helipad once they arrive, he is classified as no.53.

Bosshp bg left cronobotics54
Main article: Crono Wing

Knowing the news of Ahn Soi and Jennifer taking off, Douglas still continue his pursure against them by deploying Krono Wing to their tracked helicopter, she is one of Douglas experimental super soldier deployed for airbone and ranged combat, classified as no.54.

She also tracked the radars that Ahn Soi made to communicate the HQ for a rescue pickup, leads to a final encounter on the watch tower.

Bosshp bg left mr x zb
Main article: Mr. X

Nobody knows his name exactly. He is just called Mr. X. He is affiliated with Asia Red Army and has been funded by Douglas Jacob to cause terror to the world. In the first encounter, he helps Ritsuka to capture Choi Ji Yoon, but later on, he fights against May and her squad to death.

He uses an exclusive manual battle mech named MX-2000 that ravages the battlefield. After its destroyed, he decide to avoid capture by merge himself with zombie virus to turn into an aquatic creature that lurks around the depths.

Bosshp bg left zombiebrachyura
Main article: Tyrant Crab
One of the infected crab that lurking inside the ship with Zombie contained cargoes, the reason of its mutation is suspected on the use of Phobos' DNA that made its size even larger than a usual grown crab.

Zbs64 msg
Main article: Agent J
One of Douglas Jacob personal agent, and a part of Super Soldier Project. She is an expert in assassination and has durable combat ability in both close quarter and long range engagements. She was sent to finish off Carlito and put an end to the entire Vanguard company but their presistence made her failed to do so.

Bosshp bg left colossus
Main article: colossus
An colossal war machine invented by Kronos, purposed to against any of armed force that resist the company. It was the one that tracked Jim's Blaze Train then gave the signal to send XT-300 Goliath via air drops toward the train.

Bosshp bg left megalodon
Main article: Megalodon
A former pet of Michaela. It like playing with jellyfish and bombs untill Kronos caught and modifed it with Zombie Virus to be used as a living weapon. Awaring of the news, Michaela put her anger on the company and begin to contact Garcia Marine Squad with private coordinate to "rescue" the shark and join force against Kronos.

Bosshp bg left zbs73
Main article: Security System's Robot
The security system robot that guards the mysterious bio laboratory with various equipment's, said to be one of Kronos production.

Main article: Agent B

One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed amid David Black and Erica venture, he is known to be a master of explosives and strategy, who set up traps across the mall with bombs blockade.

He also went after Jim and Carlito crew in an Isolated mall in Lost City after the failure of David Black elimination.

Main article: Agent H
One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed along with Agent Ritsuka as a new form of brute force to eliminate David Black crew and withstand advanced weaponry.

Main article: Hippomenes
A artificial creature lurking around Neon City, suspected to be one of Kronos creation based on a living lion.

Main article: Narak
A artificial creature lurking around the Asia Red Army base, suspected to be one of Kronos creation of a mutant worm that came along with Douglas Jacob plan to orchestrate an zombie attack on the base.

Main article: Asterios
A brand new super soldier created by Kronos with the collaboration of Nyx using otherworldy technology, allows it to traverse between dimension and cause space and time fracture in its vicinity.

Main article: Agent C
One of Douglas Jacob personal super soldier, deployed to attack Aegis Institute after past numerous failed attempts led to Kronos being exposed to the world. He wears a red suit that covers his entire body, known to be one of successful result of Super Soldier project that Dr. Rex had long expected back in his lifetime due to him having his conscious and communication retained.



  • Science Fiction series is stated its origin to be unknown. However, it is suspected that Kronos could be the manufacturer.
  • Arbalest is the first epic weapon created by Kronos, specifically for Agent Ritsuka
  • Kronos is also known to follow Rex Research Institute method of creating artificial life forms simply from collective dead bodies, with some additions of mechanical or armored features.
  • It is suspectable for Kronos to have its first presence in Metal Arena due to Alice
  • The defense analyzer item purposed for Zombie Scenario higher difficulty was later discontinued due to difficulty change