The L85A2 is a Counter-Terrorist assault rifle in Counter-Strike Online.


The Enfield L85A2 is the standard service rifle of the British Army. It is the improved version of the former version, the L85A1. This weapon was improved by Heckler & Koch and fixed the problems of the L85A1, such as jamming problems and low reliability. The L85A2 was widely used by the British troops during the Afghanistan War and the Iraq War.


  • High rate of fire
  • 3-round burst function is available
  • Accurate 
  • Cheap
  • Purchasable with game points


Closest Weapon Comparisons

Famas icon

  • More accurate (+1%)
  • Higher magazine size (+5)
  • Same damage (26)
  • Same price ($2250)
  • Same recoil (18%)
  • Same rate of fire (91%)
  • Heavier (+5% speed reduction)


  • More accurate (+9%)
  • Has 3-round burst fire mode
  • Same stun and knockback power
  • Same ammunition type (5.56 NATO)
  • Same rate of fire in automatic mode (91%)
  • Same magazine size (30)
  • Lower damage (-1)
  • Higher recoil (+2%)



Firing Sound

L85 foley4

Drawing sound

Reload l85a2

Reloading sound

CSO SG MY L85A2 First Look

CSO SG MY L85A2 First Look


  • This weapon was originally a skin for the FAMAS before it was officially released as a standalone weapon. As a result, it inherits the 3-round burst mode that its real life counterpart doesn't have.
  • The charge handle can be seen clearly as it is a right hand weapon used with left hand. This can harm the user for each ejected shell out of the chamber.
  • Before the Free Update patch, this weapon used to have level restriction. The players must achieve level 33 or higher to purchase it.
  • This is one of the weapons that uses multiple HD textures - as it uses 3 templates of 500px HD textures, instead of just one like most weapons do.