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Tooltip Lab 01

Lab Mode is an experimental space for various tests.


New features or balance adjustments that require testing will be prioritized, and official updates will be made after receiving feedback from the players.


  • Test items applied to laboratory mode may be added or changed.
  • If you play in Lab mode, you can proceed with the event, but it is not possible to obtain league points/mission progress/'Information - Zombie Mode' statistics accumulation/obtain ribbons.

Lab Mode Survey[]

If you participate in the lab mode related survey within the event period, you will receive 1 Transcendence Decoder.

  • How to participate: Click on the survey participation banner displayed at the end of the game.
  • Compensation is paid only once per account.


February 2022
  • Test map: Zombie Hero Mode (Italy)
  • The number of basic host zombies increases according to the number of participants. (Up to 5 people) If the 'Zombie Balance Auto Correction' option is applied, additional hosts may appear.
  • The base health of normal-grade zombies has been increased from 15,000 to 18,000.
  • Zombie knockback and stiffness resistance increase.
March 2022
  • Added automatic zombie hunting function
  • If a zombie player does not press any key for a certain period of time in the laboratory, it automatically starts hunting after humans.
  • If you enter a movement or attack key while auto-hunting is in progress, auto-hunting is canceled.
December 2022
  • New skill addition and system change
  • Knockback and stun reduction when host zombies appear
  • HP recovery function added according to human morale charge level
  • New human skill 'Recovery'
  • Karma system deleted
April 2023
June 2023
  • Zombie Z/Zombie Hero
    • Firebomb parabolic angle is adjusted
    • Karma system reorganization
    • Zombie skill reorganization
  • Zombie Z
    • You can use firebombs from the 3rd round
October 2023
  • Application mode: Zombie Hero (Laboratory)/Zombie Z (Laboratory)
  • Change human hero function
    • Delete resurrection function
    • Delete all resurrections, including conditional resurrection function
  • Adjust maximum health
    • Increase hero's maximum health and armor to 1200 and 550 respectively
  • Adjustment of hero/sidekick weapon selection time
    • Increased weapon selection time of hero/sidekick to 45 seconds.