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A threatening rocket-wielding soldier has appeared. Avoid the red aiming laser all times.

The Lancer is a soldier from the Vanguard troop in Human Scenario.


Commando-like soldier that wears a helmet. Wields an AT-Lance rocket launcher. Before shooting out a rocket, he will aim with a laser sight.

Once the weapon starts beeping which serves as a warning to players, he will still launch the rocket at the last location the player was seen if one moves out of his sight. The rocket explodes upon impact and has splash damage which penetrates walls. By average, the damage dealt is moderate, depending on where it hits.

However, Lancers are weak in term of defence. They are easily eliminated with just several shots from the pistol.



Tips battling with Lancer[]

  • He's one of the weakest troops, so a few shots from a pistol would suffice in taking him down.
  • Always hide behind cover whenever he takes aim. However, multiple Lancers can spell death since their rockets can injure players behind solid objects.


Charging sound

Shooting sound

Explode sound


  • There is an unused grenade throwing sequence for both the Ghost and Lancer.
  • Although players are able to equip the same weapon carried by the Lancer, theirs would not emit the beeping sound nor emit a laser beam.