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Last Ride (zs_lastride) or Last Flight is the final chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 5 in Counter-Strike Online.


While finding the truth, Jennifer's team encounter a new enemy, another Kronobotic.

Map info[]

Story of Jennifer encountering a new enemy while listening the truth from Soi.


  • Soi reveals the truth, now players must protect each other in order to come back safely from the pursuers.


  • Trace the mission area by following the clues hinted on the map.
  • Press E key where [E] is displayed, it will be activated.
  • Destroy the glowing walls to continue the game.

Official Description[]

Jennifer encounters a new cronobotic enemy when she's about to know the truth from Soi. The crisis comes and she risks her life to protect her team from the tentacious pursuers.


  1. Jennifer travels by helicopter to Soi's base.
  2. While moving, they are being tracked by Kronos' reconnaissance drones.
  3. After a while, a mechanized monster that sent a reconnaissance drone appears.
  4. They shakes off Krono Wing, who has been tracking Jennifer and the others, but in the end, the helicopter is badly damaged and crashes.
  5. Jennifer's group, who crash-landed, attempts to go with Soi's to request HQ for rescue.
  6. Even the rescue request succeeded, but Krono Wing, who had shaken off earlier, was waiting for Jennifer and the others.
  7. Jennifer and Soi defeat Krono Wing and discover the identity of the third force that threatens the world is Kronos and Douglas Jacob.
  8. CF. Krono Wing was born as part of the mechanized Super Soldier project, like Kronobotics series. She is characterized by powerful ranged attacks while disturbing the enemy based on excellent mobility. She shows a strong loyalty to Douglas Jacob, and sometimes seems to have more than just loyalty.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 January 2016.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 February 2016.
  • China: 3 February 2016.
  • Japan: 17 February 2016.
  • Indonesia: 22 June 2016.
  • CSN:Z: 13 July 2016.

Rare drop[]

Crono Wing's wings Costume
Crono Wing's wings

A costume that was remade by the highly machined wings of Crono Wing. Jump height will increase by 20% and damage from falling will decrease by 20% when equipped in Zombie Scenario.


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
[I Believe I Can Fly]
Gentlemen. Sometimes an abandoned weapon is useless. You must be avoided when avoiding. Defeat Crono Wing 100 times.


Jennifer's monologue
Jennifer msg
Doctora 9 msg
Cronobotics54 msg
  1. Jennifer: I escaped from the Institute...
  2. Jennifer: And it was soon before encountering numerous events...
  3. Jennifer: Laser Wing.. Researcher Soy.. Super Soldier project.. And Jack...
  4. Jennifer: It's hard to deal with a lot of things approached...
  5. Jennifer: But now, I hear the truth from Researcher Soy...
Game starts
  1. Jennifer: Researcher Soy. Now, tell me the whole truth.
  2. Soy: Jennifer, I'm sorry for what happened to you and Jack.
  3. Soy: But now we're facing a bigger crisis than that.
  4. Jennifer: You mean the monster?!
  5. Jennifer: Do you know what the hell is going on?
  6. Soy: I don't really know. But I'm not your enemy.
  7. Soy: Now believe and follow me. Returning to headquarters, we will understand everything.
Drones appeared
  1. Pilot: A lot of enemies emerges behind!
  2. Soy: It is too dangerous! Let's open the door!
  3. Soy: Kronos company's reconnaissance drones! Attack them!
Boss appeared after the cutscene
  1. Crono Wing: I found you! Those grasshoppers... my little reward was released!!
  2. Jennifer: Researcher Soy, what is that monster again?
  3. Soy: It's true that we must join together to against the enemy, Jennifer!
Boss's 6-missile Skills
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshoppers... watch this! Try to stop my attack!
Boss's 18-missile Skills
  1. Crono Wing: This is the end! Let surrender in front of the Douglas's power!!
Boss 30% HP (30 seconds remains)
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshoppers... See you soon...
  2. Jennifer: She is defeated!
  3. Soy: Whew... Good. Let get out of here.
Shake gases
  1. Pilot: Oh! The fuel tank just has been suspended due to the attack!
  2. Pilot: We must have a crash landing! Everyone, let prepare for a shock!
  3. Jennifer: Ahahahah!!
Round clear after the blackout!!

Round 2 starts
Doctora 9 msg
Jennifer msg
  1. Soy: Jennifer! Are you safe?
  2. Jennifer: Well... um... Where is this?
  3. Soy: We've been distress. The helicopter is no longer able to work, but our life is more important.
  4. Soy: I'm requesting for your fellows near here.
  5. Forces Leader: (crackle) Here is the Forces Leader, we are in front of an abandoned military facility. Over!
  6. Soy: We found the signal! Great. Gonna be able to contact with the headquarters!
After a container, zombies spawn
  1. Soy: Zombies appeared! Come to refuge inside the building across the street!
Near a door with padlock
  1. Soy: It has been locked! Look around to find the key!
Safe Zone - Start
  1. Forces Leader: This facility was abandoned.
  2. Forces Leader: Let's go out of here after rearranging!
Door opens
Before installing C4
  1. Forces Leader: Another dead end street. It seems to be thick enough to use the C4.
After installing C4
  1. Forces Leader: I installed the C4!
Before C4 explodes
  1. Forces Leader: C4 will explode soon! Everyone back!
After gathering at XT-300 space
  1. Soy: Oh my God.. This facility was associated with the XT-300.
  2. Jennifer: Look at this! Its status is not bad. Wouldn't it be safe to use?
  3. Soy: Jennifer... We've never been training to handle them, could we suddenly deal with this?
  4. Soy: They are functioned properly.. I don't know if we can afford to do that...
  5. Forces Leader: It seems that the training facilities for the XT-300 operating at the front...
  6. Soy: here is a control tower and communication facilities. I don't know if it is able to send an emergency signal.
  7. Soy: Jennifer, I'll see you at the communication facilities to ensure that there are enough space for the rescue team.

Starting at a vacant lot
Doctora 9 msg
Jennifer msg
  1. Soy: (crackle) Jennifer, this is incendiary. I get a little problem to send an emergency signal.
  2. Jennifer: (crackle) What's the problem?
  3. Soy: (crackle) The transmitting sensitivity will take a long time.
  4. Soy: (crackle) I need to operate the transmitting equipment, watch me from the zombies.
  5. Forces Leader: Looking around this place to confirm that the rockets are ready to use everywhere.
  6. Soy: (crackle) I operate the equipment. Hang in there until the headquarters answer me!
Juggernaut appeared
  1. Forces Leader: The Juggernaut! Concentrate your firepower!
Juggernaut died
Kill all the zombies, stop spawning ridiculously, specified multi-manager calling (doors open)
  1. Soy: Headquarters has received the emergency signal.
  2. Jennifer: It's been cleaned up here, too.
  3. Soy: We'll wait for a rescue helicopter.
  4. Forces Leader: Everybody get in the elevator.

Boss appeared with the beginning cutscene
Cronobotics54 msg
Doctora 9 msg
  1. Crono Wing: Grasshopper..! I've been waited for a long time. Are you kidding me..?
Boss 80% HP (guided missile attack)
  1. Crono Wing: Fail to stop me.. Are you sick..?
Boss died
  1. Crono Wing: Ahhhh... Douglas... Today.. is my last flight...
  2. Soy: Jennifer, this is the enemy we are looking for.
  3. Soy: Douglas Jacob is the character who stands behind Dr. Rex's research and his death.
  4. Soy: I'm joining the forces to fight him. I need your strength, Jennifer.
Adding strings of boss battles
  1. Crono Wing: Ah.. My elegant wings.. Let speed up?
  2. Crono Wing: Um.. yeah.. more.. faster and stronger.
  3. Crono Wing: I'll have maximum speed from my partner!
  4. Crono wing: Be burned into ashes with the power he gives to me!
  5. Crono Wing: Let see if you can avoid my attack!
  6. Crono Wing: Kneel in front of Douglas's power!



  • Following the strings, the name for this map is "Last Flight", which tells about the last flight of Crono Wing.
  • Some parts of this chapter resemble Surface Tension from Half-Life, The Package and Conclusion from Half-Life: Opposing Force. While other parts resemble Blaze, Shoreline and Bunny Yard.
  • There are many usable Bazookas that can be picked up and 2 non-working XT-300 Goliaths in map 1.
  • This is the third chapter in Zombie Scenario that features three different map icons and three loading backgrounds for each.
  • This is the fourth chapter in Zombie Scenario to feature multiple maps after Omen, Memories and Another Truth.
  • Players will be crushed if standing within the area where Crono Wing will land after her defeat.
  • Even though the players combat with Chrono Wing in an Osprey in Part 1A, it is shown as a crushed Black Hawk in Part 1B.
  • In boss arena, if you slash the ground at the center of the map with certain melee weapons, a strange blood will come out. This easter egg also can be performed in Trap, Culvert and Another Truth (boss arena only).
  • There is unusable armor and ammo boxes beside the generator in the map 2.