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Letter Collecting Event is a special event in Counter-Strike Online South Korea.


During this event, the player will receive a special tasks to receive letter cards. Usually the tasks will be like this:

  • Card 1: Log in to the game.
  • Card 2: Play for the given period.
  • Card 3: Collect the given kill points.
  • Card 4: Can be obtained from Code Box.



Divine Blaster
Main article: Divine Blaster

You can use 50 shotguns of celestial weapons made with unknown technology, wings of purification to burn enemies, and the light of purification using that energy.


Heaven Splitter
Heaven scorcher
Main article: Heaven Splitter

This weapon fires special rounds said to be imbued with the energy of the fire dragons of legend. The rounds detonate on hit, inflicting substantial damage. It can be modified to dispense mines that inflict immense fire damage to the enemies, and which you yourself can use to quickly jump to safety.


Main article: Gungnir

Created with an unknown super-technology, this weapon was unearthed from a fallen meteorite found deep within the ocean. It stores and releases powerful waves of energy.


Magnum Launcher
Main article: Magnum Launcher

A weapon designed to obliterate your enemy. It fires 30 rounds of 4 Gauge shells and it can also fire plasma missiles, devastating your surroundings in front of you.


Red Dragon Cannon
Main article: Red Dragon Cannon

This is a cannon that can shoot a load of fire in a short range. It can unleash a robotic red dragon that breathes a stream of fire for 6 seconds (10 seconds after fully enhanced).


Magnum Drill
Main article: Magnum Drill.

A lethal drill-designed equipment built for nonetheless that bloodshed whenever it is brought upon. It is fed with 35 rounds of 4 Gauge shotgun ammunition. It displays superior penetration power alongside mass destruction capabilities.


Alphabet Task
MagnumDrill Letter1 Login to receive
MagnumDrill Letter2 Play for 300 minutes
MagnumDrill Letter3 5000 kills
MagnumDrill Letter4 Code Box
Chain Grenade
Main article: Chain Grenade.

Adopted with a warhead of explosion, when thrown, this grenade can inflict continuous massive damage in a wide range.


Alphabet Task
Chaingrenade card1 Login to receive
Chaingrenade card2 Play for 150 minutes
Chaingrenade card3 3000 kills
Chaingrenade card4 Play 30 minutes each day, for 7 days continuously


Blood Dripper
Main article: Blood Dripper.

A weapon designed for killing zombie, it can be projected through the target's body and then flies back to users in certain distances. The Dripper can be recovered within the throwing range, if not, it will be destroyed. Special attack will activate once the user hits the enemy head that can inflict tremendous damage.


Alphabet Task
Guillotine letter1 Login to receive
Guillotine letter2 Play for 300 minutes
Guillotine letter3 8000 kills
Guillotine letter4 Code Box
Horn Kujang
Horn Kujang
Main article: Horn Kujang.

A hunting weapon made ​​by processing the horns of the sheep to celebrate the Sheep Year. It features a hook shape and can take down an opponent easily with a sharp chopping or optimizing attack.


Alphabet Task
Hornkujang no1 Login to receive
Hornkujang no2 Play for 150 minutes
Hornkujang no3 3000 kills
Hornkujang no4 Play 30 minutes each day, for 7 days continuously


Gáe Bolg
Main article: Gáe Bolg.

Gáe Bolg is categorized in equipments and is used as a primary weapon slot. It is only obtainable from Letter Collecting Event. After shooting, the spear or harpoon will explode when the user decides, inflicting knockback towards the enemy.


Alphabet Task
Texth01 kr Login to receive
Texth02 kr Play for 300 minutes
Texth03 kr 8000 kills
Texth04 kr Code Box
Horse Axe
Horse Axe
Main article: Horse Axe.

Horse axe is a Lunar New Year weapon version of Tomahawk. It was released alongside the Horse Year and can be obtained via Letter Collecting Event. It sports a different animation for each attack.


Alphabet Task
Textl01 axe Log in to receive
Textl02 axe Play for 2.5 hours
Textl03 axe 3000 kills
Textl04 axe Code Box
MP7A1 Unicorn
MP7A1 Unicorn
Main article: MP7A1 Unicorn.

MP7A1 Unicorn is the Lunar New Year Weapon version of MP7A1, it can be obtained via Letter Collecting Event. It shares the same performances as the ordinary counterpart except that it lacks the semi-auto mode. 


Alphabet Task
Texty01 kr Log in on the specified dates
Texty02 kr Obtain 30 minutes of play time daily, 7 times total


Main article: Ripper.

The Ripper is capable to do extreme damage in a short time. It uses 200 liters of gasoline as its ammunition. Once it runs out, only the secondary fire mode can be used. The secondary fire mode makes a horizontal slash and inflicts high knockback against multiple targets while not using up any gasoline.


Alphabet Task
Texth01 sawkr Log in within the event period.
Texth02 sawkr Play for 5 hours cumulatively.
Texth03 sawkr Collect 8000 Kill Points.
Texth04 sawkr Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.
Serpent Blade
Snake sword
Main article: Serpent Blade.

Serpent Blade is available during the Snake Year of Chinese New Year (2013). It shares the same animations with the Wakizashi.


Alphabet Task
Textl01 snake Log in within the event period.
Textl02 snake Play for 2.5 hours cumulatively.
Textl03 snake Collect 3000 Kill Points.
Textl04 blade Can be obtained rarely from Code Box.
UMP45 Snake
Main article: UMP45 Snake.

Snake decoration of UMP45. Can be obtained from Snake Year event. This weapon can be obtained for free during Lunar New Year events. UMP45 Snake shares the same attribute with original UMP45 except for sounds and animations.


Alphabet Task
Texty01 ump45 ???
Texty02 ump45 ???


Black Dragon Cannon
Main article: Black Dragon Cannon.

The Black Dragon Cannon is capable of firing 20 explosive Cannon Rounds which detonate within the targeted area creating a large volcano-like explosion that deals tremendous damage to anything in its radius. Also, the weapon's gun barrel is built short, granting excellent mobility in combat.

TMP Dragon
TMP Dragon
Main article: TMP Dragon.

A dragon-themed variant of TMP which can be only obtained via special events of New Year. It has a built-in silencer. It can be purchased by the Terrorist too.


Main article: Volcano.

A weapon that spews out 40 rounds of 12 gauge shells at a rate of fire well beyond the limits of normal shotguns. In addition, the Volcano has a long barrel that gives it precise accuracy.

P90 Lapin
Main article: P90

The P90 Lapin, which fires 50 rounds of 5.7mm ammo, fires 20 more rounds than other sub-machine guns and thus reduces the danger that one can face during combat. It's decorated with a rabbit theme to celebrate the year of the rabbit.


Crossbow gfx
Main article: Crossbow

The Crossbow in-game is fed with 50 rounds of Crossbow bolts. It can still be fired rapidly although its rate of fire is lower than any other assault rifle. The arrow that has been shot by the user does not instantly hit the target. It knocks back incoming zombies and suitable for defense.

MP5 White Tiger
Mp5tiger gfx
Main article: MP5

The MP5 can fire 30 rounds of 9mm ammo and is considered the model sub-machine gun thanks to its ideal combination of power, accuracy, and portability. This version features a white tiger design to celebrate the year of the dragon.