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For minor version, see Bear Fury MK-3.
For extended version, see Blue Storm.

Lightning Fury is a Transcendent grade pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


This weapon is obtainable from Transcendence Decoder.

This weapon generates a powerful electric storm, It fires a powerful short-range electric shock and activates an electric field that surrounding its user. After certain number of shots, it builds up a charge to let you use the jetpack up to 2 times.


  • Very high rate of fire
  • Good stun power
  • Very fast reload time
  • Able to escape encounters
  • Weapon affects a large area.


  • Very mediocre damage.
  • Weapon goes dry very easily
  • Weapon does not affect full 360 radius (Mostly effective at front range)
  • Very hard to obtain
  • Completely unreliable in long range.


  • Basic shots take up energy, and Tier 2 boost charging increases basic attack damage.
  • Right-click consumes an energy gauge to accelerate towards the line of sight.
  • Targets near ranged when shot Normal 7 Zombie Mode 68, Zombie Scenarios Damage over 130 and inflict Stiffness.
  • Energy charging conditions vary by Normal, Zombie, and Scenario modes.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 5 March 2020.
  • China & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 11 March 2020.
  • CSN:S: 18 March 2020.


Blue Storm


Main article: Blue Storm

A weapon capable of generating a powerful electromagnetic storm, and it generates an electric field surrounding itself by emitting a powerful electric shock toward the front. You can use the jet pack by charging energy when shooting more than a certain amount (maximum 2 times).



  • This weapon is based on Half-Life's Long Jump Module.
  • During its first release promotion, it can charge the jetpack up to 2 times in Zombie Scenario, this caused a ballance issue as player can easily skip most of the maps without any effort, it was later patched that the jetpack can only charged 1 time and the air-dash length is nerfed by 80%, which is only higher than player normal jump by 20%.
  • In Zombie Escape, the jetpack can only be charged 1 time by consume 100 shots, but after the new patch, it can charge up to 2 again with 60 shots.