Lightning HMG-1 or Camera Gun is a Unique grade fictional machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


Limited.png This item is no longer obtainable. A machine gun built by Gunsmith inspired by a camera. It is chambered with 150 rounds of 5.56 NATO and has high attack power.


  • High accuracy
  • High rate of fire
  • Medium magazine size
  • Short reload time for a machine gun


  • Low damage for a machine gun
  • High recoil
  • Expensive price
  • Heavy weight
  • Can be obtained through Code Box only

Release date

  • South Korea: 5 November 2015.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 10 November 2015.
  • China/Japan: 11 November 2015.
  • CSN:Z: 13 January 2016.
  • Indonesia: 25 May 2016.




Shoot sound


  • The camera in real life, however, cannot be used as a weapon.
  • There is a tube above the camera itself which functions as the barrel. How the gun itself shoots, however, is unknown.
    • Reloading the camera plays an animation where the character replaces a videotape.

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