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Lilith is a zombie type introduced in the Z-Noid patch.


This type of zombie is only available after the Z-Noid patch and exclusive for Zombie 3: Hero.

This is a rare zombie type found. It features as a "heroine" for the zombie team. It only appears randomly if the player uses the random selecting option. Besides, players cannot choose which of either to be.

An advanced Krono-botic made by Kronos within the continuity of the Super Soldier project, however due to budget and technology limitation for mass produce, she is rarely used in actual battlefield. She has an outstanding technology and intelligence to warp in the location she needs.


Icon Name Description
Location MarkTeleport Teleport The teleport marker is fired in the direction the player is aiming. If you reuse the skill, you will move to the marker immediately. If a human is near the marker, they will disintergrate when it's being used.
HP Buff Barrier Reinforcement Gives nearby friendly barriers an additional 5,000 bonus to hold for 10 seconds.


Using Lilith
  • When marking a location, it just lasts for 18 seconds. If the player dies or the time is over, the marking will disappear.
  • The teleport skill can be proceeded anywhere, no matter how far the distance is (within 18 seconds after marking), even on ladders.



  • This zombie, alongside Metatronic, features a lot of machinery parts on its body.
  • In Nexon Zombies, Lilith has swapped models for the Origin and Host.
  • The words "UNIT02" is printed on her right leg while the "UFU" can be seen on the head.
  • Her teleport skill is able to telefrag players that stand within its range the moment she spawns from the exit, it inflicts damage to allied zombies, however.
  • Sometimes, the marked portal can last permanently due to a bug.
  • She uses the Light Zombie's healing noise.
  • After the Zombie DNA Update, Lilith now can throw the Teleport Mark rather than spawn it under her current location.