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Lowdown, Truth Uncovered or Inside Story Revealed (zs_deadmall) is the final chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 7 in Counter-Strike Online.


David Black and Erica moved in search of the coordinates obtained from the laboratory. At the place they arrive, they meet Gerard, not Soi. Gerard learns of Douglas' identity hidden behind Rex and that the kidnapping of Erica in the past was caused by Douglas behind him. David and Erica realize the truth and decide what to do next. But Douglas' black hand was already reaching out to them...

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 29 July 2021.
  • China: 4 August 2021.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 11 August 2021.
  • CSN:S: 11 August 2021.


  • Track and investigate clues along the way and reach the final goal point.
  • Proceed through the game through the guide information displayed on the map
  • If you press the E key in the marked area, the marked device will operate.
  • The red glowing structure can be destroyed by attack and the game can proceed.


Davidblack msg
Jpngirl01 msg
  1. Cargo Loader-O: Bus specification width 12.5 meters. Road completely sealed.
  2. Cargo Loader-G: No U-turn. No detour. All passengers are requested to alight.
  3. David Black: Huh... Erica are you okay?!
  4. Erika: Haha... I think driving was a little too much
  5. David Black: We should get there before it gets any worse...
Fence outside shopping mall
  1. David Black: Looking at the map, it looks like we've reached our target.
  2. Erica: What are you doing here, did you leave the coordinates here?
  3. David Black: It's like a shopping's stacked with obstacles?
  4. Erika: Was it even a raid?
  5. David Black: Well, it would be nice if Dr. Soi was in there...
  6. Erika: I guess I'll just have to go inside.
Enter the shopping mall quarantine
  1. David Black: This box looks a little dangerous? What's stuck here?
  2. David Black: It looks like an explosive... it's dangerous, so let's get it out of the way.
Quarantine bypass pass
  1. David Black: I think this is the entrance?
  2. David Black: No one inside?!
Main entrance of shopping mall C4
  1. Erika: Be careful!
  2. David Black: Who installed these dangerous devices? You should be careful.
Pass through shopping mall detour
  1. David Black: Looks like you can see the entrance over there too. Let's turn around and go back.
  2. David Black: Erica. Stay away from the box, I'll blow it up.
  3. Erika: Phew. It's like a maze. It's dizzy.
  4. David Black: Cheer up. Just go inside and we'll get some rest.
Enter the loading dock
  1. David Black: This is not easy. There are a lot of obstacles here too.
  2. Erika: I wonder what's inside
Loading dock checkpoint
  1. David Black: The door is quite thick and I can't get my hands on it...
  2. Erica: I see some kind of device in there!
  3. David Black: Step back, I'll try.
  4. Erica: Be careful.
Loading dock
  1. David Black: The structure of the shopping complex is more complex and spacious than I thought.
  2. David Black: See the driveway shutters behind the cargo trailer? Is there any way to move this truck?
  3. Erika: I can see other machines through the window!
  4. David Black: You succeeded in opening the door, but you don't have the key to the truck?
  5. Erica: I see something shiny over the barbed wire next door!
Enter large warehouse
Gerrard msg
  1. Gerard: You've arrived safely
  2. David Black: Gerard? See you here... nice to meet you
  3. David Black: Is Dr. Soi with you too?
  4. Gerard: Dr. isn't here. Instead, I was asked to wait here.
  5. Gerard: I'll explain as we go.
Bypass the upper level of the large warehouse
  1. Gerard: The zombie virus outbreak that started in Lost City in the past, and
  2. Gerard: Do you know about the Vanguard Company and Dr. Rex associated with it?
  3. David Black: Of course... But when I arrived, I saw that the Rex Labs was collapsing.
  4. Gerard: Rex ended up being eaten by the virus too.
  5. Gerard: But he was only a minion after all, and there's a dark side.
  6. David Black: Was he behind it...? Does that have anything to do with Erica now?
  7. Gerard: It's narrow and there are a lot of obstacles...there's a big open space in front of you. Go over there.
Food Court - (Middle Boss Appears)
Agent B
  1. Erica: Look over there! There's someone!
  2. Agent B: You were here! Are you the intruders who ruined the lab!
  3. Gerard: Damn it! How did you get after me already?
  4. David Black: What else is this?!
  5. Agent B: No conversation needed! All you need is an explosion!
  6. Agent B: Only death for those who resist him!
Enter the main shopping mall A
  1. David Black: Are you back?
  2. Erika: What the hell is that...?
  3. Gerard: They're already chasing you... First of all, move here!
Main shopping mall A detour
  1. Gerard: That's Douglas' Super Soldier.
  2. Gerard: Zombie avalanche and occasional special variants, and even the Super Soldiers who succeeded in such experiments
  3. Gerard: They were all made by Douglas' experiments.
  4. Gerard: Erica was previously abducted to test for antibodies to the zombie virus.
  5. Gerard: According to Dr. Soi, if there was something wrong with the antibody from that experiment,
  6. Gerard: They said they eventually had a way to fix it.
  7. David Black: You're going to have to find a guy named Douglas...
Main Shopping Mall B - (Intermediate Boss Appears)
  1. Agent B: Explosions are an art and you guys will burn!
  2. Erika: I'm back! Be careful!
  3. Erika: You're persistent...
  4. David Black: Damn it. Get out of here before he comes back!
  5. David Black: Gerard. Then why were you here?
  6. Gerard: I was here to tell you these stories at the request of Dr. Soi.
  7. Gerard: They said they found Erica's experimental data in the lab and contacted you.
  8. Gerard: Dr. Soi realized what Douglas was and went to rescue his teammates to defeat him.
  9. Gerard: And he told me to tell Douglas that he had all the materials and equipment to fix Erica.
  10. David Black: It's that guy that goes round and round...
Enter the mart parking lot - (Intermediate boss appears)
  1. Agent B: Take the bomb!
  2. David Black: You don't want to fall...!
Enter the Mart - (Intermediate boss appears)
  1. Agent B: I will burn those who oppose him with fire!
  2. Erika: You're tenacious like a stalker.
Enter the park
  1. Gerard: It seems like I'll be chasing you endlessly, so why don't we just watch the showdown?
  2. David Black: Erica is not feeling well, so she wants to avoid combat if possible.
  3. Gerard: Okay...I'll have to call a helicopter to avoid the place. Let's go to the roof.
Park Escalator Escape
  1. Gerard: I've put in a helicopter request. However, the emergency exit is broken, so we can't move right away.
  2. Erika: So what should we do?
  3. Gerard: The stairs are blocked, so we need to restart the power grid and call the emergency elevator.
Enter the shopping mall main lobby
  1. David Black: Where's the elevator?
  2. Gerard: There's an elevator downstairs, and we'll have to restore power to get it working.
  3. David Black: Erica, hold on a little longer! We get out of here!
  4. Erika: Yes!!
Boss room
  1. Agent B: That's the end of the run!
After defeating the boss
  1. David Black: You've barely stepped back... Good, Gerard.
  2. David Black: To fix Erica and end the zombie apocalypse, I'll have to go see Douglas eventually.
  3. David Black: Let's make a team too. See you on the battlefield.



  • Lowdown means the true facts or relevant information about something.
  • This is the first map to use JACK Hammer Editor after using Valve Hammer Editor for a long time.
  • Some parts of this chapter resemble Dead Center at chapter The Mall in Left 4 Dead 2.
  • This is the second map in Zombie Scenario to feature only 2 parts.