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Lunar New Year Event is the special event to release new weapons during Lunar New Year event. It also comes along with additional weapon skins that mostly based on zodiac animals.

2017 (Chicken)[]


Main article: Special Duck Foot Gun.

Can be otained from decoder, bundled with this card Rdcc3

Main article: Sterling Bayonet.
Can be otained from decoder, bundled with this card Rdcc4

2016 (Monkey)[]

Chain Grenade

Main article: Chain Grenade

Chaingrenade card1Chaingrenade card2Chaingrenade card3Chaingrenade card4

2015 (Sheep)[]

Horn Kujang

Horn Kujang
Main article: Horn Kujang.

Hornkujang no1Hornkujang no2Hornkujang no3Hornkujang no4

2014 (Horse)[]

Horse Axe
Main article: Horse Axe.
Textl01 axeTextl02 axeTextl03 axeTextl04 axe

MP7A1 Unicorn
Main article: MP7A1 Unicorn.
Texty01 krTexty02 kr

2013 (Snake)[]

UMP45 Snake
Main article: UMP45 Snake.
Texty01 ump45Texty02 ump45

Snake sword
Main article: Serpent Blade.
Textl01 snakeTextl02 snakeTextl03 snakeTextl04 blade

2012 (Dragon)[]

TMP Dragon

TMP Dragon
Main article: TMP Dragon.


2011 (Rabbit)[]

P90 Lapin

P90 Lapin
Main article: P90 Lapin.


2010 (Tiger)[]

MP5 Tiger

MP5 White Tiger
Main article: MP5 Tiger


Obtaining process[]


Due to the fact that these are the weapons of the year, they can be obtainable during the Lunar year event. Each one of these weapons is obtained by collecting 4 cards. The first card is obtained by logging into the game during the event. The second and third will be obtained through collecting credit points by playing a specific mode or amount hours depending on the year. The forth card will be obtained via Code Box including a specific amount of points. These events only occur once a year and all include different weapons. Some of these weapons can still be obtained in special event via Code Box

UMP45 Snake

Can be obtain during the Snake Lunar New Year event with only 2 cards. The first card is obtained by logging in during any time of the event. The second card can only be obtained through logging in on specific dates.

MP7A1 Unicorn

Can be obtained during the Horse Lunar New Year event with only 2 cards. The first card is obtained by playing an amount of play time daily during the event (depending on each region). The second card can only be obtained through logging in on specific dates.

Special weapons[]

These are the main weapons released alongside Lunar New Year event but they are not decorated as zodiac animals, except for the Black Dragon Cannon.


Naberius (2024 - Year of the Dragon | Spirit of Blue Dragon)

Main article: Naberius



Arbalest (2023 - Year of the Rabbit | Black Cosmic Rabbit)

Main article: Arbalest


Quantum horizon

Quantum Horizon (2022 - Year of the Tiger | Power of Black Tiger)

Main article: Quantum Horizon



Divine Blaster (2021 - Year of the Bull | Wings of Dawnlight)

Main article: Divine Blaster


Heaven scorcher

Heaven Splitter (2020 - Year of the Rat)

Main article: Heaven Splitter

No card collections available, obtained directly from Epic Decoder


Gungnir (2019 - Year of the Pig)

Main article: Gungnir.

No card collections available, obtained directly from Epic Decoder


Magnum Launcher (2018 - Year of the Dog)

Main article: Magnum Launcher.

Sglancer letter1Sglancer letter2Sglancer letter3Sglancer letter4

Red Dragon Cannon (2017 - Year of the Rooster)

Main article: Red Dragon Cannon.


Magnum Drill (2016 - Year of the Monkey)

Main article: Magnum Drill

MagnumDrill Letter1MagnumDrill Letter2MagnumDrill Letter3MagnumDrill Letter4

Guillotine (2015 - Year of the Lamb)

Main article: Blood Dripper

Guillotine letter1Guillotine letter2Guillotine letter3Guillotine letter4

Gáe Bolg (2014 - Year of the Horse)

Main article: Gáe Bolg

Texth01 krTexth02 krTexth03 krTexth04 kr

Ripper (2013 - Year of the Serpent)

Main article: Ripper

Texth01 sawkrTexth02 sawkrTexth03 sawkrTexth04 sawkr

Black Dragon Cannon (2012 - Year of the Dragon)

Main article: Black Dragon Cannon

Texth01 jpnTexth02 jpnTexth03 jpnTexth04 jpn

Volcano (2011 - Year of the Rabbit)

Main article: Volcano


Crossbow (2010 - Year of the Tiger)

Main article: Crossbow
Crossbow gfx


Happy New Year medal[]

This medal is awarded for collect all special weapons that are released during Lunar New Year

Happy New Year Medal2021 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Crossbow, Volcano, Black Dragon Cannon, Ripper, Gáe Bolg, Guillotine, Magnum Drill, Red Dragon Cannon, Magnum Launcher, Gungnir, Heaven Splitter, Divine Blaster (Permanent) 50 Honor Points
Quantum Happy New Year Medal2022 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Quantum Horizon (permanent) and Happy New Year medal 5 Honor Points
Arbalest Happy New Year Medal2023 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Arbalest (permanent) and all previous Happy New Year medal 5 Honor Points
Naberius Happy New Year 6940049224801246548 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Naberius (permanent) and all previous Happy New Year medal 5 Honor Points

Lunar New Year Boxes[]

These are the special boxes that appear during Lunar New Year event. Similar to the Lunar New Year weapons, their skins and designs are decorated to resemble the zodiac animals.

The condition to get these boxes depends on each region. Mostly, they come alongside Letter Collecting Event. Players will get one box automatically upon logging in, it contains the first card which must be obtained to participate in the event, with other weapons and items (duration only). If player obtained all 4 cards, they will get one box.


  • The Lunar New Year weapons symbolizes the respective year of zodiac animals, the others are modified and decorated with parts of zodiac animals.
    • There hasn't been any newly released LNY weapon after 2017. For example the Chain Grenade, which don't have any relation with monkeys, or Sterling Bayonet that don't have any relation with chickens, and Special Duck Foot Gun is the last LNY weapon but it doesnt come along with usual letter collection method.
  • The Lunar New Year Box was firstly introduced in 2011, during the rabbit year.
    • However, it did not make its appearance around 2019-2020 but made its return in 2021, starting from Kal-El's Gift Box.
  • In Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, the Sheep Box icon is used for the "New User Package" item.
  • Starting from 2019, Epic Weapons in primary slot are considered Lunar New Year weapons.
    • Gungnir and Heaven Splitter are the lunar new years weapon that doesnt have letter card collection.
    • Expanded variant of all those Epic primary weapons are not considered as Lunar New Year weapons.