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Lusty Rose is a skin for Light zombie in Counter-Strike Online.


By purchasing this item the player is able to change if in possession, the appearance of the Light zombie only. You can set the skin on use or not through the Costumes tab.


Lusty Rose was released on:

  • South Korea: 28 March 2013. 
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 10 April 2013.
  • China/Japan: 10 April 2013.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 12 February 2014.
  • Indonesia: 2 July 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 26 October 2016.



  • In Singapore/Malaysia region, this skin was named as "Desire of Rose" which is the direct translation of the Korean word.
  • In Zombie Tag, sometimes all zombies will appear with this skin in a round. They will have slightly faster sprint speed.
  • This is the first skin introduced for zombie faction in Counter-Strike Online.