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For her Terrorist counterpart, see Kai.

Lynn is a Transcendent grade Counter-Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


Lynn grew up in an orphanage after being rescued by Victor, who found her during a mission. She met William at the orphanage and followed him around like an older brother, and would join Victor's Special Forces with him. One day, William left the unit without any notice, and Lynn would late find to her shock that he had become a terrorist known as Kai. Despite the devastating news, Lynn started to chase after Kai, hoping to turn him back to the right side.


Her real name is unidentified. While Victor was after the transport vehicles from Rex Laboratory for an ambush, he suddenly stops at the garbage yard in the alley behind the hotel. He found a girl who's been scavenging there. Taking the girl out of such dangerous area, a small pendant on her clothes caught Victor's attention. After the operation, Victor asked the girl about her parents. The last thing she remembers as a young girl was her mother arms and scent, and the faint sound of military fight and her mother screams to run away were all there. As Victor sees a glyph pendant with two dragons symbol opened, he sees a picture of a person with familiar eyes and black hair.

He could see that the girl was the daughter of Irene, who served as a special agent. He later gave her the name "Lynn" and send her in a military orphanage. But for Lynn, who had no manners education, group life was difficult for her to adapt. Until a boy named William reaches his hand to Lynn, she got acquainted with him for his fierce yet cheerful and active most of the time. Lynn and William lived like real brothers and sisters, and after they grown up, Lynn was assigned to Special Force with William under Victor order to save a large number of people. But William suddenly left the unit, no words or goodbye to be spoke, and soon after Lynn heard that he had become a terrorist named "Kai", this leads her into a big shock. Lynn, not knowing why Kai changed, has to search after him to turn him back to who he was.


  • Signature Weapon: Whip Sword
  • Signature Effect: Decrease attack count required to use the Decay continuous attack for the Whip Sword by one.
  • Exclusive voice line class.
  • 200% points for you, 50% points for others.
  • Max level cap +10 in Zombie Scenario.
  • Adds one initial mutation in Zombie Z.
  • Displays your current damage at the bottom of the screen.
  • Marks zombies at 20% or bellow in Zombie Mode.
  • Upon killing an enemy, he leaves a unique mark at the target location.

Exclusive Skill[]

Intangible Sword Dance


  • Increase damage dealt to Elite and Boss monsters.
  • Increase damage when playing a Scenario mode with a Kai character (Connection Effect applied).
  • Applies the Revenger add-on effect (can be stacked and the effect increases).
  • Generate a Smokescreen Grenade that neutralizes the enemy attack and briefly grants the Conceal effect (Conceal is removed upon taking damage).
  • Increased enemy attack evasion rate and Melee Weapon damage for a short time upon losing Conceal status.

Zombie Scenario stats[]



"I shall end this quickly"

"Entering the combat zone"

"I'm on my way, hang on!"


  • According to Kai death voiceline "Rose, I'll see you soon", it is possible that Lynn real name is Rose, and the real name is irrelevant to Rose Phoenix.