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For original version, see M134 Minigun.

M134 Minigun Umbra is a Epic Edition machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


This is a powerful minigun that fires 300 rounds of 7.62mm bullets and is possessed by the specter of a prolific special force member from the past. The specter appears in the form of a shadow soldier as you defeat enemies, firing with a pinpoint precision before vanishing.


  • Crosshair notification when successful hit
  • Unlimited spare magazine in scenario mode.

Special function[]

  • <Lumpo>: Consumes 50% of the gauge to use.Two shadow troopers appear and fire AT4 toward the aiming point.
  • Passive <Existo>: When you kill an enemy, a shadow trooper appears from where the enemy died and searches for a new enemy to attack.

Release Date[]

  • South Korea: February 1st 2024
  • China: February 1st 2024
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: February 6th 2024
  • CSNS: February 6th 2024



  • It has mixed appearance of original M134 Minigun and M134 Vulcan.
  • The Shadow Soldiers summoned by this weapon are Spetsnaz operatives.
    • Upon kill, the operative holds a M134 Minigun.
    • Upon assist, the operative holds a MP5
    • Upon using special function, the operative holds an M136 AT4.