M136 AT4 or M136 AT-Lance (Anti Tank 4) is an 84mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore anti-tank weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


The AT-4 is available in Human Scenario and the Metal Arena modes only. It is originally used by Lancers of the Vanguard troops in Human Scenario which then used by the players as their weapon. It is suitable for destroying vehicles and large group of enemies.

After the Free Update patch of South Korea, this weapon becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


  • Does high damage to vehicles
  • High damage to soft targets
  • Can zoom via scope
  • Free


  • Not hitscan, which need prediction skill to shoot
  • Low damage if there's no impact with the target
  • Expensive ammunition ($200 for 1 rocket)
  • Usable in Human Scenario and Metal Arena modes only
  • Slow rate of reloading time
  • Expensive ($7000)
  • Useless at destroying walls


Mode Buy cost Ammo cost (1) Ammo cost (10) Total
Human Scenario $7000 $200 $2000 $9000

Battle with Comanche

  • In close range, just aim and shoot directly.
  • In medium range, predict where the Comanche will go and shoot at the predicted point or calculate between the speed of the Comanche, the location of the Comanche and the speed of the rocket. After a shot switch to melee and flee to avoid the heat.



Human Scenario:

  • Lancers: The Lancers use AT4 as their standard weapons.

Metal Arena:

  • Riflemen: The AT4 is one of the weapon which can be used by the riflemen.


This weapon was released alongside Sentry gun and Desert Storm on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 21 March 2012 alongside Walther WA2000.
  • Indonesia: 3 May 2012 alongside Yuri and Criss.
  • Turkey: 19 March 2014 alongside Walther WA2000.

After Free Update, this weapon becomes default weapon in all regions (excluding Vietnam and Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies).

Comparison to AT4-CS



  • Cheaper (-$900)
  • Higher damage to Titan
  • Free


  • Same recoil (88%)
  • Same ammo type (84mm)
  • Same reload time (3.7 seconds)




Firing sound

At4 reload

Reload sound


  • AT4 in actuality is a disposable rocket launcher, not a reusable launcher like depicted in-game.
  • When it is reloaded, no rocket is visibly loaded into the muzzle - instead the muzzle is simply slapped on. AT4-CS fixes this quirk.

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