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For the original version, see M16A1.

M16A1 Veteran is a special variant of M16A1 in Counter-Strike Online.


M16A1 Veteran can do the buttstock knock for melee engagement.

While the Comrade system is still available, this weapon is obtainable by accumulating 50 comradeship stars (for 7-day duration only). After Clan and Ranking Re:boot, the Comrade system was removed, players can obtain M16A1 Veteran (duration/permanent) through some certain events only.


  • High clip size
  • Able to perform buttstock knock
  • High knockback (buttstock knock)
  • High damage
  • High rate of fire
  • Moderate price
  • Can be purchased by both teams


  • Obtainable only through events
  • Long reload time
  • Heavy weight

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 March 2013.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong, China & Japan: 10 April 2013.


  • This gun has high firepower and stable accuracy. Spray in close range while fire in burst for long range.
  • The buttstock shove is essential in dealing melee range enemies. It can kill an enemy with just a knock.
  • In Zombie Infection modes, the primary mode can be used for stunning while the secondary mode can be used for knocking away the zombies. The secondary attack has greater knockback against zombies than the Hammer.
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, use the buttstock shove to engage incoming Ganymede.



  • GIGN: Seen in posters.

Comparison to M16A1[]



  • Can do buttstock knock
  • More accurate (+3%)
  • Can be purchased by both teams


  • Same ammunition type (5.56 NATO)
  • Same magazine (31/90)
  • Same base damage (30)


  • Cannot be switched to semi-automatic mode
  • Longer reload time (+0.7 seconds)



  • This is the second weapon that can do buttstock whip. The first one is M249 Veteran.
  • The dust cover is not opened before firing.

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