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For original version, see M2 Browning.

M2HB Devastator is a Transcendent grade Machine gun in Counter-Strike Online.


A heavy machine gun that fires incendiary .50 BMG, fed from a large backpack reservoir. After a certain amount of time, a missile launcher is activated that fires penetrating missiles that pull enemies in.

  • Crosshairs will light up when you hit your target
  • Unlimited reserve magazines in scenario mode

Detailed function[]

Penetrating Missile Launcher: When the gauge reaches maximum, the launcher activates. Damage: 30+ (Normal), 4800+ (Zombie Mode), 55000+ (Zombie Scenario). The gauge maximum and the missile pull range are different for Normal, Zombie, and Scenario Modes.


  • High damage
  • Very high accuracy
  • Low recoil
  • High rate of fire
  • Large magazine size
  • Short reload time for an MG
  • Rocket penetrates enemies, dealing significant damage to them
  • Extreme damage from missile, can one-shot most of the zombies
  • After explosion, the enemy will greatly slowed down for a short time


  • Quite heavy
  • Low knockback
  • Low stun
  • Missiles fly slowly
  • Long reload time of the rocket

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 3 June 2021
  • China: 9 June 2021
  • CSN:S & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 16 June 2021


Comparison to Negev Ajax[]

  • Lower recoil (-19%)
  • Lighter (-3% weight)
  • Larger magazine size (+200)
  • Shorter reload time (-1.0 second)
  • Same price ($9000)
  • Same knockback (13%)
  • Same stun (50%)
  • Lower damage (-14 in Normal, -123 in Zombie, -218 in Scenario)
  • Less accurate (-2%)
  • Lower rate of fire (-1%)
  • Special mode has time interval


Shoot sound

Cannon sound



  • The magazine capacity of this weapon is shown as 500 in the description, though when bought, it is 350 only. The rocket damage stated in the description is also far more powerful than in game.
    • As such, this is one of the weapons that are suspected to be nerfed right before release.
  • The shoot sound is quite similar with TURBULENT-7.
  • The rocket sound is quite similar with X-TRACKER.
  • There is a bug with the rocket launcher view model. It does not appear when you switch to some certain weapon (ex. Bear Fury MK-3). You need to switch to other weapon and then switch back to make the rocket launcher appear.
  • It is one of the weapons that is buffed due to player complains of it being to weak, along with the aim FX is reworked for simplicity.