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For original version, see M3 Black Dragon.

M3 Azhi Dahaka is a Flex shotgun in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Resonance Energy.

A shotgun imbued with the soul of a demonic dragon. Its basic attack is accompanied by dragon breath, which can be used to unleash a <Dragon Burst> on a marked target, and <Dragon Rising>, which summons the dragon to fight alongside you.


  • The crosshairs light up when you hit your target.
  • Allows for unlimited use of spare ammo in Scenario Mode.

Special Features[]

  • <Dragon Blast>: Hold down right-click to place a mark on a nearby enemy and release the button to inflict damage on the marked enemy.
  • <Dragon's Rise>: Attack multiple times with your normal attack to charge the special rounds, then right-click to summon the demonic dragon, which inflicts significant damage on your target. You can have up to 2 special rounds.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 13 July 2023.



  • Azi Dahaka or Zahhak is a is an evil figure in Persian mythology.
  • The primary fire is known to have similiar function as Black Dragon Cannon, so do the secondary fire to Miracle Prism Sword then the tertiary fire to M3 Black Dragon.
  • This weapon does not eject any shells as well as when user reloads, the shotgun shell is nowhere to be seen.

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