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BuffM3 Black Dragon is a Transcendent grade shotgun under the Transcendence Series in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Lucky Transcendence Weapon Box.

This is a pump-action shotgun fed with 8 rounds of 12 Gauge. It has a special shot where it summons two golden dragons that rises up into the air after eight shots are successfully landed.

Detailed function: Special attack with mouse right click. Special shot damage in normal 75, zombie 1800, scenario 6500. Two dragons rising from the impact point to the sky are created. It blows the enemy in the target area into the air, and deals damage normal 3, zombies 1050, and scenario 1450 per tick.


  • Very high damage on both modes
  • Light weight
  • High stun power
  • Special shot can headshot, but dragons cannot
  • Can release a dragon that deals tremendous damage
  • High spare ammo
    • Unlimited spare ammo in Scenario mode


  • High recoil
  • Expensive price in match
  • Low magazine size
  • The special shot can only be obtained if the user hits the enemy with 8 rounds
    • It is not hitscan
    • It can only be held one at a time
  • Doesn't have a special buff, unlike other primaries

Release date

  • South Korea: 31 May 2018.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 5 June 2018.
  • China: 7 June 2018.
  • Indonesia: 11 July 2018.
  • Japan: 22 August 2018.
  • CSN:Z: 29 August 2018.


  • Due to its tremendous damage, this weapon can easily kill even Heavy Zombies and Venom Guards.
  • The special shot can do a headshot but only with its initial impact.
    • After the dragons are summoned, it can kill literally anything within the radius.
    • The dragon wave lasts 4 seconds.


M3dragon-1 1

Shooting sound


Ditto, Secondary mode

M3dragon fire loop

Idle sound


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