M67 Hand Grenade
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Game point0
Price in matchFree
Used forInjures enemies
System codefgrenade2

Room restrict limitfragheThe M67 Hand Grenade is a frag grenade in Counter-Strike Online exclusive to Frag War, replacing the HE Grenade.


The M67 is a green baseball-like hand grenade which is used by the US Army in real life. It does higher damage than the HE Grenade and it's only available in Frag War mode mutation.

The M67 has a variant called Firebomb, which is available in Zombie Modes.

After the Free Update patch, this grenade becomes a free default weapon in all player's inventories.


Known Operators



  • An afterlife kill with the M67 may result in the HE Grenade showing up in the kill icon and kill-stat screen instead. The kill-stat screen might also show up blank.
  • The words "Warning High Explosive Grenades" is painted on the body of the grenade.
  • Despite the weapon showing up in the player's barracks, the grenade remains unusable outside Frag War.

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