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For the original version, see Calico M950.

Room restrict limitpistolM950 Attack is a pistol in Counter-Strike Online.


Empty slot This weapon has Part System installed.
This weapon can be obtained from Top 50 Decoder and its variants.

This is a special version of the M950 fed with 58 rounds of 9mm and equipped with a scope to enhance the accuracy in more ranges that are afar. It is produced in limited quantity, but due to the structural changes of the weapon, it cannot undergo Weapon Enhancement anymore.


  • High damage
  • High accuracy
  • High rate of fire
  • No speed reduction
  • Has usable scope
  • High magazine size


  • Expensive
  • High recoil
  • Long reloading time
  • Obtainable through Bingo only

Comparison to M950[]


  • Higher damage (+3)
  • Higher accuracy (+1%)
  • Lower recoil (-2%)
  • Higher magazine size (+8)
  • Has usable scope
  • Same weight
  • Same knockback and stun powers
  • Same ammo type (9mm)
  • Same reloading time (3.5s)
  • More expensive (+$500)
  • Lower rate of fire (-1%)
  • Lower spare magazine (-20)
  • Cannot be enhanced
  • Obtainable through Bingo only

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 January 2016
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: 2 February 2016
  • China: 3 February 2016
  • Japan: 17 February 2016
  • Indonesia: 22 June 2016


Shooting sound


  • This is the second scoped handgun in Counter-Strike Online after King Cobra.
  • It has the third highest magazine size (58) for a pistol in Counter-Strike Online, behind TURBULENT-1 (150) and a fully enhanced Calico M950 (70).
  • There is an unusable laser dot sight attached to the weapon model.
  • Despite using 9mm Parabellum rounds, the M950 Attack does not share ammunition with other weapons with the same type (such as the MP5).
  • The usage of the scope will not be affected if the user is reloading, similar to the M32 MGL.