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Machine guns are categorized as a primary weapon. Machine guns are fully automatic and is a type of mounted or portable firearm, usually designed to fire rounds in quick succession from an ammunition belt or a large-capacity magazine, typically at a rate of several hundred rounds per minute. Mostly used in Zombie Mods, Zombie Scenario, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.


Main article: QBB-95.
QBB-95 is a Chinese light machine gun that fires 75 rounds of 5.8×42mm ammunition. It is accurate in long range if fired in burst and has good rate of fire. However, it is not suitable for continuous fire due to its high recoil and spread. QBB-95 is usually used in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.

Qbb95ex icon
Main article: QBB-95EX.
QBB-95 Extra Magazine is a modified version of the QBB-95. It shares the same performance except it can load 5 more rounds in its magazine and has 400 rounds as reserved, making it useful in Zombie Mods.

Icon m249 cso
Main article: FN Minimi.
FN Minimi or M249 for American version, is a light machine gun that fires 100 rounds of 5.56×45mm NATO ammunition. It has greater recoil and bullet spread, making it ineffective in long range. It is usually used by the player in Zombie Scenario.

Main article: M249 Veteran.
Veteran version for M249. Fix almost all the performance (damage, accuracy, recoil, rate of fire and weight) and added a new function: [Buttstock Knock].

Hk23 gfx
Main article: HK 23E.
HK23E is a light machine gun that is fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO ammunition. It is lighter than M249 by 3% but it has lower firepower by 1%. Plus, it is cheaper than M249 and has shorter reload time.

Main article: M60E4.
M60E4 is a general purpose machine gun that fires 100 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition. It shares most of the M249 properties except it does greater damage, cheaper and shorter reload time.

Mg36 gfx
Main article: MG36.
MG36 is a light machine gun fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO rifle cartridge in a C-MAG drum magazine. When compared to M249, it is a lot cheaper, does higher damage, has lower recoil higher rate of fire, lighter, has the ability to zoom and shorter reload time but it has lower accuracy.

Main article: MK48.
MK48 is a 7.62mm light machine gun designed for US Special forces. It is fed with 120 rounds in an ammo box and comes with a usable scope. This weapon is as light as the HK23 and MG36 and much more powerful than the SKULL-7. However, it has very low rate of fire.

Main article: PKM.
Izmash PKM is a moderate machine gun that is fed with 150 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition. It does moderate damage and can be fired in 3-round burst. However, it is expensive, has low fusillade, expensive ammo cost and takes a long time to reload.

Main article: Rheinmetall MG3.
MG3 is a general purpose machine gun that is fed with 200 rounds of 7.62×51mm NATO ammunition. It has high magazine capacity and rate of fire. It was released same along with Zombie Scenario and widely used in Zombie Mods.

M134 gfx
Main article: M134 Minigun.
M134 Minigun is a Zombie Mods-exclusive machine gun which fires 200 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is designed exclusive for zombie battles and less effective in Original, Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes.

Main article: Avalanche.
Avalanche is a science fiction machine gun which is fed with 200 rounds of 7.62 NATO bullets in a box magazine. This gun can be freely switched to A mode (High damage, low fire rate) or B mode (Low damage, high fire rate).

Main article: K3.
Daewoo Precision Industries K3 is a light machine gun resembling the FN Minimi and uses a standard 5.56 NATO cartridge. This gun replaced the MP5 as spawn primary weapon in Zombie Scenario.

M2 icon gfx
Main article: M2 Browning.
M2 Browning is an American heavy machine gun fed with 250 rounds of .50 BMG used during World War II. It is deployable and can do massive damage due to its high caliber rounds.

Main article: Browning M2HB heavy machine gun.
The Browning M2HB is a mounted heavy machine gun which is usable in Decoy, Angra Nest, Threat, Urban Assault and City of Damned. This machine gun is fed with 250 rounds of .50 BMG cartridges in an ammo box. The player can use it by walking to the machine gun and press the USE button (Default: E).

M249ex gfx
Main article: SKULL-7.
SKULL-7 or M249EX is an anti-zombie version of the M249. It holds 120 rounds of 5.56mm Anti-zombie and 240 rounds as reserve. It deals large amount of damage per bullet to zombies, penetrate the zombie's Kevlar and has the function to zoom. Skull-7 is released alongside with map Chaos and sold for limited time only.

Main article: SKULL-8.
SKULL-8 is an anti-zombie machine gun fed with 120 rounds of 5.56mm Anti-zombie ammunition. It is attached with a light weight axe bayonet under its barrel for emergency melee combat. Its primary fire has superior penetration towards zombie's armor.

SK6 Buypic
Main article: SKULL-6.
SKULL-6 is an anti-zombie machine gun fed with 100 rounds of 5.56mm Anti-zombie and equipped with a sniper scope for long range engagement. Its bullets develops superior penetration and do deadly damage to zombies. When using the scope, it is more accurate but the rate of fire is decreased.

Main article: BALROG-VII.
BALROG-VII is fed 120 rounds of 7.62mm AHE bullets in a box magazine. This gun is able to shoot out explosive bullets in every 10 shots.

JANUS7 icon
Main article: JANUS-7.
JANUS-7 is the modified version of Rheinmetall MG3 by Aegis Laboratory. It is fed with 200 rounds of 7.62mm and equipped with Janus Transformation System that can do tremendous damage after continuous fire.

M60E4 Maverick
Main article: M60E4.
This is the modified version of M60E4 that holds 200 rounds of 7.62 mm. It is modified by a terrorist cell and can only be obtained from Craft. This version also has a usable scope attached.

Main article: M134 Minigun.
This is the modified version of M134 Minigun that holds 200 rounds of 7.62 mm. When equipped with other Journey to the West weapons, its weight will be reduced, allowing the user to move faster.

Main article: Aeolis.
This is a steam-operated machine gun fed with 150 rounds of 5.56 mm. Firing this weapon will accumulate steam for secondary fire, which functions as flamethrower. Aeolis can only be obtained from Coded Box.

Main article: MG42.
This is a general purpose machine gun originated from Nazi Germany to hold 95 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It was firstly invented in 1942 and later involved during the World War II and Portuguese Colonial War. The usage of drum magazine makes this machine gun has high mobility, resulting it as a dominating weapon in World War II and even nicknamed as "Hitler's buzzsaw" or more coarsely, "Hitler's zipper".

Main article: Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun.
This is a machine gun fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO allocated in 5 different chambers, resulting in 20 rounds per chamber. When reloading, it is reloaded per chamber and takes 5 seconds to do a full reload. However, the reload can be cancelled, like a regular shotgun, to be fired while reloading.

Main article: THANATOS-7.
This is an anti-zombie machine gun fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is developed by the Aegis Institute and based on the Belgian MK48. It is equipped with the Thanatos Blade System which can deal continuously high damage to multiple targets inside the blades' radius.

Main article: M134 Vulcan.

The modified version of M134 Minigun fed with 300 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It has a strong secondary fire mode that is very deadly but limited with overheat factor. It can also be lifted for fast running.

This weapon is only obtainable randomly by Hero/Heroine in Zombie 3: Hero. Moreover, it cannot be dropped by the player nor the Deimos's shock ability.

Main article: Coil Machine Gun.
Powered by electromagnetic coils, the Coil Machine Gun generates 100 magnetic energy that is propelled at high speed. The rounds emit electricity discharge which deals splash damage and electrical shock effect upon contact with targets within a certain distance.

Main article: VULCANUS-7.
Developed by Aegis Institute based on the MK48, this machine gun is fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is applied with Vulcanus Parts System making it able to release laser trails which follow-through bullets along with a missile launcher to finish off multiple targets in a large area of effect.

Main article: Laser Minigun.
A minigun that can convert a high-power energy to light energy and amplify it to laser beam shots. As the amplification proceeds to continuous, the fluctuation of firing also becomes remote. When you activate the energy condensing system, high-power energy starts to condense, and can be fired at a moment.

Main article: IMI Negev NG-7.
Firstly introduced in March 2012, IMI Negev NG-7 is an Israeli machine gun fed with 150 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It has high firepower and rate of fire but also comes with high recoil.

Main article: Lightning HMG-1.
A machine gun built by Gunsmith inspired by a camera. It is chambered with 150 rounds of 5.56 NATO and has high attack power.

Main article: CROW-7.
A machine gun based on the MG36 and fed with 100 rounds of 5.56 NATO. It is equipped with Crow Reload System (CRS) that allows fast reloading. The CRS can be activated by pressing R correctly when the reloading gauge runs to the predetermined location.

Hk121 icon
Main article: HK121.
Introduced in 2010, this is a Germany GPMG fed with 120 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It is equipped with a low power lens scope for middle range engagement. It has an upgraded variant that can be obtained through Upgrade Event.

Main article: Ultimax 100.
The Ultimax 100 is a Singapore-made 5.56mm light machine gun, developed by the Chartered Industries of Singapore. Firstly introduced in 1977, it is chambered with 100 rounds. It has high firepower and is extremely accurate due to its constant-recoil operating system. However, the fire rate is low and it is heavy.

Main article: Brick Piece T50.
This is a 200-round machine gun built from a special set of blocks to resemble the PKM. Its B mode transforms the weapon into a tank for better performance, depending on the situation.

Main article: Broad Divine
A 200 rounds machine gun that is fed with .50 BMG Holy. Provide extra damage to zombies with holy water explosion and afterburn effect.

Main article: TURBULENT-7
This is a 100 rounds light machine gun equipped with the TURBULENT Engine System for a fast continuous shooting. Its rate of fire is as high as submachine gun and the damage is upgraded from HK23E.

Main article: CHARGER-7.
This is the modified version of MG3 with 200 rounds 7.62 NATO. It uses integrated energy that is generated during coal firing that converts light energy to amplify CHARGER GENERATING SYSTEM mounted on it to fire a powerful laser beam.

Main article: IMI Negev NG-7
Firstly introduced in March 2012, IMI Negev NG-7 is an Israeli machine gun fed with 150 rounds of 7.62 NATO. It has high firepower and rate of fire but also comes with high recoil. This weapon is reborned as a new weapon from a fierce battlefield.

Main article: M249 Phoenix
A machine gun that uses 100 rounds of special .50 BMG ammunition, it boasts high damage and combat endurance with its massive belt. The secondary fire mode is more accurate and penetrates all obstacles, with a slight zoom to compensate.

Main article: Hunter Killer X-7
This is a test machine gun developed by Kronos that uses 150 rounds of 7.62mm special bullet. It is equipped with Hunter Killer module and can detect zombies. You can take advantage of the Tactical Scanning Fire feature.

Shining heart rod
Main article: Shining Heart Rod
A wand with mystical magic power. If you hit a magical heart attack for a certain amount of time, you will be able to use the ultimate skill Ruby Heart Explosion.

link:Negev NG-7 Ajax
Main article: Negev NG-7 Ajax
150 rounds 7.62mm machine gun that uses bullets that deal fatal damage to zombies. You can block the movement of enemies or defend against a ranged attack by using a shield that incorporates technology from another world.

link:M2 Devastator
Main article: M2 Devastator
A heavy machine gun that fires incendiary .50 BMG, fed from a large backpack reservoir. After a certain amount of time, a missile launcher is activated that fires penetrating missiles that pull enemies in.

link:Ancient Keeper
Main article: Ancient Keeper
A machine gun that fires 200 7.62mm bullets attached with a mysterious jewel of an ancient civilization found deep in the jungle. It can transform into a true keeper mode that deals massive damage when struck more than a certain number of times.

Main article: IGNITE-7
This is the latest work from the Aegis Lab. It uses a split magazine and Ignite system to quickly counter multiple enemies.

link:M249 Ra
Main article: M249 Ra
A machine gun that uses 100 rounds of .50 BMG special bullet. It can inflict effective damage to zombies and has good combat durability due to its ample magazine.

Update sequence[]

  1. FN M249
  2. QBB-95
  3. Rheinmetall MG3
  4. M134 Minigun
  5. QBB-95 Extra Magazine
  6. HK23E
  7. SKULL-7
  8. Colt M60E4
  9. HK MG36
  10. PKM
  11. MK48
  12. Avalanche
  13. Mounted machine gun
  15. M249 Veteran
  16. Daewooo K3
  17. SKULL-8
  18. Battle QBB-95
  19. SKULL-6
  20. JANUS-7
  21. M2 Browning
  22. M60E4 Maverick
  23. Zhu Bajie Minigun
  24. Aeolis
  1. MG42
  2. Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun
  4. M134 Vulcan
  5. Coil machine gun
  7. Laser Minigun
  8. NG-7
  9. Lightning HMG-1
  10. CROW-7
  11. HK121
  12. Ultimax 100
  13. Brick Piece T50
  14. Broad Divine
  15. Battle Ultimax
  17. CHARGER-7
  18. Battle Negev
  19. M249 Phoenix
  20. MG3 Global Showcase
  21. Hunter Killer X-7
  22. Aeolus Elegant
  23. Coil Machine Gun Splash
  24. Shining Heart Rod
  1. Negev NG-7 Ajax
  2. M2 Devastator


Machine gun Price Damage Accuracy Recoil Rate of Fire Speed Reduction Mag Size Fire Mode Reload Time Affiliation
M249 Phoenix $9000 19/29 94%/79% 9%/35% 90%/71% 14% 100/200 Automatic
4.5 Seconds Ct icon small Tr icon small
Negev NG-7 Ajax $9000 27/26 96%/N/A 9%/23% 91%/83% -15%/23% 150/450 Automatic 4.0 Seconds Ct icon small Tr icon small

Both of the weapons have the same price($9000), same knockback power(13%), and same stun power(50%). The Negev Ajax, have much more positive stats, here's a list:Higher damage in normal mode (+8) More accurate (+2%) Higher rate of fire (+1%) Lighter (+3% speed reduction) Bigger magazine size (+50) Shorter reload time (-0.5 second The negative part of Negev, is the damage(-127), a higher recoil(-29%). But, the real difference is the specials of the weapons. For the Negev, we got much things, see a list:Electromagnetic field: When conditions are satisfied, an electromagnetic field is emitted to attack nearby enemies. Barricade: When consumed more than a certain amount of bullets, a barricade is created that blocks approach of most enemies where the magazine falls. Barricades are activated only in zombie and zombie scenario modes, and Tyrant can break through barricades.2nd mode change: Changes to a shotgun-type mode that fires 3 rounds when right-clicking Secondary mode function: Projectile Shield: A shield that can defend against normal zombie projectile attacks Is created. Overload discharge: The firearm overheats during continuous firing, and when the overload is completed, a special attack can be performed by right-clicking.

For the M249 Phoenix, we have alot less than Negev, but, the only special mode, have a massive damage on Zombie PVP and Zombie PVE(2875 ON ZB Hero/ZB Z, and 5675 on ZB Scenario), it's only more slow and have a low accuracy, but, the damage compensate.


Machine gun Price Damage Accuracy Recoil Magazine size Rate of fire Speed reduction Reload time Special
QBB-95 $3200
3.8 seconds
FN Minimi $5750
4.7 seconds
HK 23E $4600
3.9 seconds
M60E4 $4700
4.0 seconds
MG36 $3500
3.9 seconds
SKULL-7 $9000
4.0 seconds
MK48 $5500 33 15% 21% 120 87% 11% 4.7 seconds Zoom
PKM $5600 30 23% 22% 150 90% 13% 4.7 seconds 3-round burst fire
MG3 $5750
4.7 seconds
M134 Minigun $7000
5.0 seconds
BALROG-VII $9000 31 16% 19% 120 90% 16% 4.7 seconds Explosive round, 1× zoom
M249 Veteran $5750 29 22% 21% 100 90% 14% 4.7 seconds Buttstock knock
Avalanche $5750 32 (A Mode)/29 (B Mode) 18% (A Mode)/19% (B Mode) 22% (A Mode)/21% (B Mode) 200 89% (A Mode)/92% (B Mode) 11% 4.7 seconds Switch mode
K3 $4750 25 18% 27% 70 90% 7% 4.0 seconds -
M2 Browning $5450 35
250 81%
5.0 seconds Mounted mode
SKULL-8 $6200 30 14% 23% 120 90% 9% 4.0 seconds Bayonet slash
SKULL-6 $6500 34 13% 24% 100 89% 14% 3.5 seconds 2× sniper scope
JANUS-7 $9000 29
200 90%
14% 4.5 seconds Janus Transformation System
M60E4 $4700 31 17% 20% 200 90% 14% 4.0 seconds Scope
M134 Minigun $7000 32 42% 21% 200 100% 35% 5.0 seconds -
Aeolis $7000 30
150 91%
14% 4.2 seconds Flamethrower
MG42 $4700 30 74% 19% 95 91% 7% 3.5 seconds -
Oz Tin Robot Machine Gun $6700 31 85% 20% 100 90% 18% 1.0 second (per 20 ammo) Oz Power
THANATOS-7 $9000 33 85% 21% 120 90% 14% 3.0 seconds THANATOS Blade System
Coil Machine Gun $9000 31 88% 16% 100 91% 18% 3.5 seconds Electric shock
VULCANUS-7 $9000 30
85% 15% 120 90% 14% 4.0 seconds VULCANUS Parts System
Laser Minigun $6000 33 97% 5% 200 92% 9% 5.0 seconds Charged attack
IMI Negev NG-7 $4700 27 83% 14% 150 91% 11% 4.0 seconds -
Lightning HMG-1 $5000 28 82% 67% 150 90% 14% 4.0 seconds -
CROW-7 $5000 29 85% 16% 100 91% 9% 3.0 / 4.5 seconds CROW Reload System
HK121 $4600 27 78% 24% 100 90% 9% 4.0 seconds Low power scope
HK121 Custom $6500 29 88% 18% 150 91% 14% 4.0 seconds Grenade launcher
Ultimax 100 $4800 30 79% 21% 100 89% 15% 5.0 seconds -
Battle Ultimax $4800 30 81% 16% 100 91% 7% 5.0 seconds -
Brick Piece T50 $7500 30 84% 6% 150 91% 14% 4.5 seconds T50 Mode
Broad Divine $7200 29 88% 19% 200 90% 14% 4.5 seconds Holy bullet
TURBULENT-7 $5000 25 79% 19% 100 92% 11% 4.0 seconds -
CHARGER-7 $5000 30 79% 19% 200 91% 14% 4.0 seconds Laser Beam
Battle Negev $4700 29 83% 14% 150 91% 11% 4.0 seconds -
M249 Phoenix $9000 19 94% 9% 100 90% 14% 4.5 seconds Phoenix mode
Hunter Killer X-7 $5100 23 92% 12% 150 92% 11% 4.0 seconds Hunter Killer module
Shining Heart Rod $5700 26 84% 30% 100 86% 9% 4.0 seconds Ruby Heart Explosion
Negev NG-7 Ajax $9000 27/26 96%/
9%/23% 150/450 91%/83% -15%/23 4.0 Seconds It's a long list, you can check on the Ajax wiki page.
M2 Devastator $9000 13 94% 9% 350/700 90% 14% 3.0 Seconds Penetrating Missile Launcher


  • There's a common animation glitch whenever a player is playing as a female character whereby their arms will be seen twisted.