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See Natalie (Santa Girl) for her rival.

Bunny Marie is a Counter-Terrorist female character in Counter-Strike Online 2.


It's Christmas Eve. Marie is on a mission which must save a casino from terrorist bombing.

While searching for the bombsite, she found a suspicious room. With all of her courage, she kicks the door. The room is full of black rabbits inside. It is a Bunny dressing room, all eyes turn to Marie. The show was late, the manager is angry and comes to the dressing room. Perplexing, she can not deny to help them.

At that moment, the shots have been heard in the main hall of the Casino. She quickly rushs out of the dressing room, clad in a Bunny costume herself without knowing it.

  • Choosing this character when playing the game will result in EXP/Point Bonus of 20%.

Favorite weapons[]

Waltherpp s

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 17 December 2015.
  • China: 22 December 2015.


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