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For original version, see Divine Lock

Matchlock pistol is a Unique grade pistol weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


A matchlock pistol used by the soldiers of the late Joseon period. Despite the antiquated design, its raw power is nearly unmatched. Sometime the shot is so powerful, it instantly kills a zombie. (Instant kill only happens in zombie modes)


  • Decent damage
  • Has instant kill in Zombie mode (low probability)
  • Light weight
  • Short reload time
  • High accuracy when not moving


  • Low rate of fire
  • Expensive for a pistol
  • Low spare ammunition
  • Very expensive ammunition cost
  • Has a slight delay before bullet fired due to flintlock mechanism
  • Low accuracy when moving
  • Obtainable via Season Pass only

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 6 February 2020
  • China & Taiwan/Hong Kong: 11 March 2020
  • CSN:S: 17 March 2020