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Matchmaking is a competition feature in Counter-Strike Online 2.


Matchmaking allows the player to create a team with other players regardless the families and fight other teams. The system will automatically search for the players who have same level and skills, to compete with each other.

After the 23 July 2015 update, random rewards were added. When finishing a game through matchmaking, players will receive a random reward (coins, Green Weapon Box, golden items, etc.).

After the 6 August 2015 update, "Surrender" feature and Bots were added.

Later on, it became integrated with the "Search Game" feature.



Previously to find a match, the player can click on the Automatic Matching Game button on the screen in the lobby.

Matchmaking is only available for Original, Team Deathmatch and Hide and Seek mode. After selecting your favorite mode, click on the Searching Game button to find rooms and players with similar level/ skills.

With the latest revision, players could either choose to join a matchmaking room or an ongoing casual via the "Search Game".


After the searching is completed, the objects below will appear:

  • Player List
  • Map Voting: The players can vote to play the desired map before starting.
  • Match Level: Shows the available skills information and chat matched opponents.