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Maverick part

Maverick series is the first standard weapon series in Counter-Strike Online.


The Maverick weapons are obtainable via craft system. For Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, these weapons can also be obtained from Premium Decoder.

Weapon List[]

SPAS-12 Maverick
Main article: SPAS-12 Maverick.
This is the modified version of the SPAS-12 that holds 20 rounds of 12 Gauge. It was developed by an unknown Terrorist group and boasts a very high magazine size.

M60E4 Maverick
Main article: M60E4 Maverick.
This is the advanced version of the M60E4 modified by an unknown Terrorist group chambered with 200 rounds of 7.62mm. Special modification to expand the scope has been made and the magazine size is upsized to improve its performance.

Galil Maverick
Main article: Galil Maverick.
A variant of the Galil which was developed by an unknown Terrorist organization. It brings some upgrades as a new magazine size which holds 45 5.56mm caliber rounds alongside a jungle-style config to shorten the reload time.

M1887 Maverick
Main article: M1887 Maverick.
This is the sawed off version of the Winchester M1887 which holds 6 rounds of 12 Gauge. It was modified by an unknown Terrorist organization and available in sidearm slot.

K1A Maverick
Main article: K1A Maverick.
K1A Maverick is fed with 30 rounds of 5.56 mm bullets fabricated by an unknown terrorist group. It boasts a faster reload due to the use of dual magazines, plus a remodeled barrel which is able to change to either automatic or semi-automatic mode.

Crowbar Maverick
Main article: Crowbar Maverick.
This modification was made by an unknown Terrorist group. The major change noted is the addition of a taser to improve stun its targets upon a successful hit.

Craft items[]

After the Craft update on 26 February 2015 of South Korea, these items were removed.
Class Material
A Maverick planA
S Maverick planB
Components Maverick part
  • South Korea: 1000 points (1 day), 10,000 points (10 days)
  • TW/HK: 1000 points (Permanent)
  • Indonesia: 3000 points (1 Unit), 30,000 (10 Units)

Special Set[]

Maverick [S] Combat Blueprint + Unlimited Durability Item set
  • Price: 6900 Cash


  • South Korea: 12 ~ 26 June 2014.

This is a limited edition set that includes Maverick Combat Blueprint [S] Grade with Unlimited Durability Item. Noted that the Permanent Durability Item can craft weapons from 72 days to 120 days and with a low chance of getting permanent weapons.


  • Maverick means an unorthodox or independent-minded person. (synonym: not ordinary)
  • Maverick is also a name of a Level 3 bot in Tour of Duty mission from Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. He uses M4A1 as his standard weapon and has an expert-leveled skill and very high bravery.
  • Before the 26 February 2015 update of South Korea, these weapons can only be obtained through Maverick Combat Blueprint.