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Master of Disguise
— SG/MY description

See Erika for her Terrorist counterpart.
For transcendent version, see Special Agent Mei.

May or Mei is a Counter-Terrorist female character introduced in Counter-Strike Online as a part of the Chinese PLA.


May is a new intelligence agent born in Asia, she has high battle capabilities. Her identity is kept as a secret even within the organization; she has disguised herself and infiltrated into Counter-Terrorist camp near the border and her first mission was to observe her colleague who is under solo activity.


This model was released alongside Erika and Master of Disguise set on:

  • Singapore/Malaysia: 19 January 2012.
  • Indonesia: 22 May 2013.
  • Turkey: 2 April 2014.
  • CSN:Z: 22 April 2015.
  • Vietnam: 13 October 2015.

Favorite weapons[]

Zombie Scenario Stats[]


Even though the max attack power is 25, it takes a very long journey to get that because the early level ups focus on HP first , and then followed by the others. Even after reaching level 50, the attack power is only upgraded to level 7. It requires nearly level 90 to upgrade the attack power to its maximum. Therefore, it is recommended to use powerful weapons during earlier levels since it's hard to kill zombies later on with a low attack power.


She has brown hair, tied into a hairpin, and black eyes. She wore Red shoulderless Chinese clothes, a pair of tights with oriental design on top of it, a pair of white high heels, and a derringer on her left leg. She has a seemingly Lotus flower tattoo on her left thigh in her prototype model.


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  • This character speaks Chinese in Taiwan/Hong Kong and China versions of Counter-Strike Online.
  • In popular female given names, Mei can either refer to 美 (beauty) or 梅 (plum).
  • Despit of Chinese origin, neither China nor Taiwan/Hong Kong region names the class Mei.
    • In Taiwan/ Hong Kong, she is called 冷雨煙 (Lěng Yǔyān).
    • In China, she is called 梦瑶 (Mèngyáo).
  • May has an unknown model of Derringer holstered on her right leg, which is purely cosmetic.
  • Sometimes May's red Qi Pao is able to camouflage herself in Zombie mods due to zombies' red-colored night vision sight.
  • This character brings new radio commands such as: "The bomb is at A", "The bomb is at B", "Thank you", etc. This also applies for Erika.
  • This character has a different swim animation compared to other characters. This animation also applies for Erika.
  • May appears as a Non-player character in Episode Choi chapter in Zombie Scenario: Season 6 to support players.