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Melee is the tertiary category weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


The seal knife is available to all players by default while the other melee weapons are purchasable with game points or cash points. Most melee weapons movement speed is 250 units per second, meaning they suffer no speed reduction. Every player starts out with the seal knife (provided they haven't brought another melee weapon yet); unlike the primary and secondary weapons, it cannot be dropped.


Main article: Seal knife.
Seal knife is the default melee weapon in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It is available for free to every players. Seal knife is usually being used in close combat situations, stealth kills and rushing tactics. It is undroppable. This weapon are belonged to all male characters as their spawn melee weapon by default. This weapon can do instant kill if a backstab or headshot is scored.

Coldsteel v3
Main article: Cold Steel knife.
The Cold Steel Knife is the spawn weapon for every female characters in Counter-Strike Online. The Cold Steel Knife has the same function as the Seal knife. It is used when the player is using female characters only.

Main article: Hunting Dagger.
The Hunting Dagger is purchasable with game points and possess a slight advantage from the seal knife. It has higher swing rate than the seal knife. Note that the hunting dagger uses Counter-Strike: Condition Zero knife animation.

Balisong icon
Main article: Balisong.
Balisong has high swing rate even for stabbing but it is purchasable by cash points only and it does lower damage to enemy. It takes three stabs to kill an enemy instead of the seal knife's two. Recommended for Zombie Scenario in bonus rounds.

Axe icon
Main article: Parang.
Sabit (or Parang in game or Axe for certain countries) does very high damage to enemies. It can kill an enemy with just two hits from the front. Moreover, it can kill an enemy with just single hit on the back. Sabit is recommended for knife battles.

Main article: Nata Knife.
The Nata Knife does extremely high damage to both humans and zombies, capable of killing a normal zombie with just one hit on the back. It can only be used in Zombie modes and Zombie Scenario.

Hammer icon
Main article: Hammer.
The Hammer can knock zombies far away. It is recommended to use when a zombie are approaching towards you. It can only be used in Zombie modes and Zombie Scenario.

Main article: Dragon Claw.
Dragon Claw is a melee weapon in Counter-Strike Online obtainable randomly from Code Box. This is the first dual-wielded melee introduced in Counter-Strike Online series.

Combatknife gfx
Main article: Combat knife.
Combat knife is a melee weapon that is able to deal very high damage to enemies, it is purchasable with cash points. It has a improved variant called Master Combat knife.

Mastercombatknife gfx
Main article: Master Combat knife.
The upgraded version of Combat Knife can only be obtainable from it's upgrade event. It has longer range and does higher damage than the original weapon. The user can easily attack enemies from a relatively safe distance.

Skullaxe gfx
Main article: SKULL-9.
The SKULL-9 is the first melee weapon in Skull Series and it is made from some kind of special alloy material invented by the government. It has murderous destruction power, especially to zombies.

Main article: Dragon Knife.
Dragon Knife is a special melee weapon that shares same stats to the seal knife. It is only available during Chinese New Year event.

Main article: Wakizashi.
Wakizashi or Katana has further attack range then most melee weapons and can kill an enemy with just one slash. However, it is heavier than most melee weapons.

Main article: Dual Wakizashi.
Dual Wakizashi or Dual Katana is the upgraded version of Wakizashi, it has the same propeties but it's dual wielded and slashes faster than the single wielded variant.

Main article: Tomahawk.
Tomahawk is a special melee weapon in use by the Special Forces, it has slow swing rate, but makes it up by having a good killing power.

Main article: Dual Nata Knives.
Dual Nata Knives can only be obtained randomly by Sidekicks in Zombie 3: Hero and has higher damage than the single-wielded Nata Knife. It is a couple of knives on a syringe handle with some sort of Poison Gun. It has faster slashing rate in primary mode.

Main article: Green Dragon Blade.
Green Dragon Blade or Guan Yu Blade is a melee part of Dragon firearms. It has the ability to kill multiple targets with a single slash, similar to Skull-9. There are many aspects where it is similar to Skull-9. This melee is obtainable from Bingo Event and Code Box.

Main article: BALROG-IX.
BALROG-IX is a melee part of Balrog Series. It deals fatal damage to both humans and zombies. It also uses the Balrog Charging System to deal explosive damage.

Snake sword
Main article: Serpent Blade.
Serpent Blade is an event based melee in Counter-Strike Online. It is only avaliable during special events. It shares the same animations with the Wakizashi.

Main article: Beam Sword.
Beam Sword is a science fiction melee weapon made by an unknown technology. It can glow in the dark and the user can turn off the light to increase movement speed. Only obtainable through Bingo Event.

Main article: Joker's Staff.
The Joker's Staff is the only melee weapon which can be used by the Joker in Hidden mode. Its primary attack can kill a human with 3 slashes while 1 slash in secondary mode. Note that in secondary mode, there is a slight attack delay.

Shelter Axe
Main article: Shelter Axe.
An alternate skin for Tomahawk. It serves as the default melee weapon in Zombie Shelter and the player must use it to collect resources and attack enemies.

Main article: Machete.
A knife used to make a jungle road in the jungle. You can use it for logging woods. It is thick and boasts a durable, strong power.

Main article: Crowbar.
A tool used to pull nails. Surprisingly, its hardness makes it a powerful weapon.

Main article: Claw Hammer.
Claw Hammer is used for construction modifications to maintain combat weapon specific.

Main article: JANUS-9.
This is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Institute. It is equipped with Janus Transformation System that can be activated after the user has attacked the enemies for several times with this weapon. Janus form can deal a great damage to enemies.

Main Article: Ruyi Stick.
This is the stick rumored used by the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Its length can be increased according to situation.

Crowbar Maverick
Main article: Crowbar Maverick.
This modification was made by an unknown Terrorist group to be used as a demolition tool as well as an normal crowbar to remove nails. The major change noted is the addition of a taser to improve its efficiency when taking down targets.

Main article: Papin.
This is a steampunk pair of gauntlets that can unleash a powerful ranged attack accumulated by the steam mechanism.

Main Article: Snap Blade.
Featured in Attack On Titan, this blade can attack the Titans' weaknesses, quickly hacking and performing special attacks that give fatal injuries to everything that stands in its way.

Main Article: Oz Scarecrow Pickaxe.
This is a scarecrow-shaped pickaxe that turned into a weapon, renovated entirely for swinging purpose.

Main Article: THANATOS-9.
This is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Institute in form of a scythe. It is incorporated with continuous separation technique that allows the user to perform a flurry of stabs whenever Thanatos Blade System is in use.

Main Article: VULCANUS-9.
A special sword developed by Aegis Institute and applied with Vulcanus Parts System. When the gas line parts are activated, it can deal tremendous damage to enemies.

Main Article: Heavy Zombie Knife.
A cleaver wielded by the Heavy zombie. It is short and very heavy.

Main Article: Storm Giant Warhammer.

A huge breath of life filled with overwhelming power of the ancient giant storm is transferred to the owner by simply holding this hammer with both hands. If in possession, the user will be granted with the following buffs:

  • Draw attack: the user performs a quick strike whilst drawing the weapon.
  • Combination attack: the user can perform a chained attack by pressing RMB (default) upon drawing the hammer.

Main article: CROW-9
A special gauntlet served as the melee weapon with a strong destructive power. Secondary mode centered in the middle of the gauge CROW Reload System operation during attacks by right-clicking produces knocking them back during the attack of the zombies with a powerful destructive force to the front.

Main article: Blade Runebreaker
A blade that bears a mysterious, ancient power that provides extreme sharpness and hardness. The blade's power can be charged and it has the ability to emit a powerful force which gives a tremendous damage per hit.

Main article: War Fan
A Japanese war fan that is designed for use in warfare, used by the samurai class of feudal Japan. It is made from iron and can be folded to make a powerful attack in the form of a fold. When opened, it can blow away enemies in the air. Each attack is slow, but if the is timing well, you can maximize the effect by attacking continuously.

Main article: BALROG-IX
BALROG-IX is a melee weapon developed by Aegis Laboratory. Primary attack does a fast punch while the secondary attack delivers a massive explosive punch after charging it. The WC edition has chrome effect on it and exclusively released to commemorate CSO World Championship 2016.

Main article: TURBULENT-9
It is a gauntlet-type close-up claw that gives strong destructive power. Equipped with TURBULENT Engine System in 2nd mode and using the blade attached to the Gauntlet. Fast continuous attack is possible.

Main article: Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
In order to destroy the evil that makes the world go astray, these dual swords, which are infused with huge power, are able to take them down. If the special trigger conditions are met, the feast unfolds.

Jay's dagger
Main article: Jay's Dagger
Two daggers used by Agent Jay, who serves Douglas Jacob. She has been through many battlefields with this weapon. It can deliver fast and fatal attacks.

Arm Torch
Main article: Arm Torch
A set of gauntlets equipped with a torch attached to the hand that can emit fires. The user can attack enemies with flames from both hands.

Main article: Holy Sword Divine Order
A legendary sword that, with the chosen guardian's blessing, will judge evil with sacred power. If you're facing an evil presence, the sword will strengthen, and the Holy Impact and Holy Crash skills will be enhanced.

link:Dual Sword Hellfire
Main article: Dual Sword Phantom Slayer
Two swords to defeat the demons of hell. If special combination is fulfilled, Sword Feast unfolds.

Main article: Hwando

This is a type of combat sword used in the Joseon Dynasty and features a short sword.

Weapon performance is enhanced by both Yeong Shin and Lee Chang classes.

link:Dread Nova
Main article: Dread Nova
The symbol of the absolute authority of the Overseer Executive. You can summon the power of this weapon as a weapon to defend the balance of the universe.

link:Blade Frostbreaker
Main article: Blade Frostbreaker

A blade that retains the mysterious powers of the ancients, and has the ability to amplify the sharpness and power that can also split the glacier due to frost protection, and to emit a powerful sword.

This weapon is a special variant of Blade Runebreaker +6.

Light emission: Focus can be emitted by holding down the right mouse button.

link:Demonic Scarlet Rose
Main article: Demonic Scarlet Rose
A lance-shaped weapon made by Medea. It changes into a rose flower in full bloom, and various attacks are possible.

link:Blaze Nova
Main article: Blaze Nova
A weapon summoned by Overseer Executioner with the power of Blaze Lord, to protect the balance of the universe.

link:Twin Shadow Axes
Main article: Twin Shadow Axes
It is a powerful double axe with the strength and will of the warlord who commanded the battlefield. Combination attack, which attacks by combining double axes, and special weapons that summon armed forces, Black Spirit Jingeuk and Black Spirit Wargeek, can be used.

Main article: SKULL-T9
A state-of-the-art model of SKULL-9 equipped with an ultra-high-density energy fusion emission system. When the energy is fully charged, it can be released by right-clicking. Some functions do not work in non-zombie mode.

Link:Plain Sword
Main article: Plain Sword
A sword made by joining sharp sword fragments, it has a fast attack speed, a wide attack range, and can be operated like a whip. It has a variety of attack flows from normal attacks to combos and from combos to combos, so it's easy to respond to the situation on the battlefield.

link:Pierrot Blessing Sword
Main article: Pierrot Blessing Sword
This is a legendary toy sword that can only be used by the selected Pierre. When <Blessing Guard> is available, the blade turns red.

link:Starlight Sword
Main article: Starlight Sword
A melee weapon made of unknown technology. It is characterized by a blade made of beams that shine brightly in the dark. Its special function is an energy push that pushes enemies away.

link:Ancient Berserker
Main article: Ancient Berserker
It is a jungle sword that appears to have been used by the warrior class of an ancient civilization found deep in the jungle. The mysterious ancient civilization pattern is engraved throughout the sword. It has a powerful attack that takes full advantage of the long sword, subduing enemies.

Main article: Hauteclere
An awe-inspiring sword of steel, gold, and crystal. It's Special Feature is Blade Tempest, which creates a portal that continuously summons and propels swords forward.

Link:Tyrant Mace
Main article: Tyrant Mace
A mace imbued with the power of an ice tyrant. The energy of the tyrant is gathered according to the passage of time or the damage done to the enemy, and when all the energy is gathered, it can be used to inflict ruthless attacks on the enemies in front.

Link:Demolition Hammer
Main article: Demolition Hammer
A melee weapon created with Aegis Institute technology. As a huge two-handed hammer, you can feel its heaviness just by holding it. When the gauge is charged, you can perform a powerful slam attack and a follow-up hits using iron poles.


Weapons lighter than regular melee (5% increased speed)
Weapons lighter than regular melee (4% increased speed)
Weapons lighter than regular melee (2% increased speed)
Weapons heavier than regular melee (2% decreased speed)
Weapons heavier than regular melee (4% decreased speed)


  • Drawing out melee weapon results a sound that can be heard in predetermined distance. Despite of revealing presence, it can be useful to lure one or few players.
  • Melee weapons do lower damage in Frag War submode.