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Metatronic is a zombie type introduced in the Z-Noid patch.


This type of zombie is only available after Z-Noid patch and exclusive to Zombie 3: Hero.

This is a rare zombie type found. It features as a "hero" for the zombie team. It only appears randomly if the player uses the random selecting option.

An advanced Krono-botic made by Kronos within the continuity of the Super Soldier project, however due to budget and technology limitation for mass produce, he is rarely used in actual battlefield. He has an outstanding technology to breach through the human camp and withstand their advanced weapons in the future.


Icon Name Description
Immortality Immortality He becomes invincible for 5 seconds and can move ignoring normal knockback and stiffness. Skills can be used directly, but if you do not use it, it will be activated automatically when you're near death. Weapons with special status aliments (Move slow/stop, attack/skill seal) cannot be ignored.
HP Buff Barrier Reinforcement Gives nearby friendly barriers an additional 5,000 bonus to hold for 10 seconds.


Using Metatronic
  • The Immortality skill momentarily provides the player a second chance to escape or to breakdown the human camp.
Facing Metatronic
  • Be cautious when approaching and engaging Metatronic. Check if they are wearing their mask, as it can determine whether they are no longer able to withstand a third attempt.
  • When Metatronic is wearing his mask, you should know that he has 1 HP left, this makes him a very easy target once the mask is removed.



  • This zombie, alongside Lilith, features a lot of machinery parts on its body.
  • Despite being listed as an active (by pressing on the G key) skill, the immortality is actually passive that activates automatically upon reaching a condition of 1HP. However, during an update in 2017, the user can manually activate this skill.
  • It shares the same sound file with the Heavy zombie while healing.
  • Every time the 'Immortality' skill is triggered, the player model will play an animation whilst discharging electricity that can be seen in first and third person view.
  • Metatronic, alongside Lilith, lacks of cry sounds.
    • This was fixed in later updates.
  • After the Zombie DNA Update, Metatronic now ignore to stun and knockback when in immortality mode.