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Not to be confused with Mileage Code Decoder.

Mileage is a cumulative point reward system in Counter-Strike Online 2.


Mileage point can only be obtained when using Blue Fortune Box (Black one for China region). The points are used to exchange special items. The amount of Mileage point is random from 20 ~ 100 points each time using.

After collecting enough Mileage points, players can choose the items within their correlative amount of points. The items and their prices can be found in [Inventory].

In case of the items that were already exchanged previously, the players can not choose them again.

Obtainable items[]

  • Gold token coin (1 unit): 2000 M points.
  • Silver token coin (10 units): 4320 M points.
  • Blue Fortune Box/Black box Key (for China) (5 units): 9000 M points.
  • Server Speaker (20 units): 16000 M points.
  • EXP + Point Bonus coupon (50 units): 30000 M points.
  • Walther PP Silver (permanent): 50000 M points.
  • [Golden Wing] Costume (permanent): 80000 M points.
  • Anaconda Gold (permanent): 100000 M points.
  • AR-57 Amethyst (permanent): 10000 M points.



  • Same as Mileage points in Counter-Strike Online 2, the Mileage points in Counter-Strike Online can only be obtained through Mileage Decoder. However, their functions are different.