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Mileage Decoder is a Decoder item in Counter-Strike Online.


A device used to decipher and award the user to a variety of items inside, and obsoleting all old decoders that precedes it.

Mileage Point[]

Mileage Point

Unlike Decoders that precede it, each time the player opens a Code Box with the Mileage Decoder, it will provide Mileage points. Originally the amount of Mileage point is random (usually between 30 to 60 points) and regardless of the item value from Code Box, and now every use will grant 50 Mileage.

The Mileage point can be used to participate in the latest iteration of the Bingo and Weapon Auction.

As of February 2017, Mileage Decoder is not available for sale and not obtainable from events anymore. It is announced to be removed completely in June 2017. It is replaced with Top 50 Decoder which grants better weapons but give less mileage points.

Event Mileage Decoder[]

Event Mileage Decoder

This type of decoder is given through events and works similar to the normal Mileage Decoder. However, it will expire at midnight (00:00hrs) and be removed from inventory. Unlike the Mileage Decoder, this type does not provide any Mileage points nor letter(s) from Letter Collecting Event.

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  • Similar to Mileage Point in Counter-Strike Online, the Mileage points in Counter-Strike Online 2 can only be obtained through Blue Fortune Box. However, the latter uses a progression basis.
  • Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies is the first region to sell this item in game points through event, labeled as GP Mileage Decoder.