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Milkor M32 MGL (Multiple Grenade Launcher) is a grenade launcher categorized under Equipment slot in Counter-Strike Online.


M32 MGL is a light weight, revolver-style semi-automatic grenade launcher fed with 6 slots of 40×46mm grenades. It has a usable optical scope that increases the range and rate of fire of the grenade launcher once used. It is not recommended to fire this weapon anywhere near the user due to the risk of getting injured.


  • High damage including splash damage
  • High accuracy
  • Usable scope
  • Can be fired while reloading
  • Light weight
  • Excellent when dealing with multiple enemies and covering teammates
  • Has a screen shake effect if the grenade hits an enemy
  • Can be utilized as a mini mortar especially for enemies behind a wall


  • Expensive price ($6500)
  • Cannot perform headshots
  • Cannot be fired underwater
  • Damage is reduced over range
  • Long reload time
  • Low grenade capacity
  • Does not damage breakable objects
  • Can injure the user if the grenade explodes nearby



Battle Rush:

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 28 June 2012.
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong, China & Japan: 4 July 2012.
  • Singapore/Malaysia: 22 May 2013.
  • Indonesia: 10 April 2013.
  • CSN:Z: 12 March 2015.
  • Vietnam: 26 March 2015.


M32 is somewhat hard to use in Zombie Mods and normal matches due to slow projectile speed, limited range, long reload time and low clip size but in a hand of a professional, it can be very useful.

Mode Cost Ammo cost Total
Original $6500 (+2 ammo set) $300 $6800
Scenario $6500 (+2 ammo set) $1200 $7700
Attack type Splash damage Direct hit Total damage
Normal 100 ~ 120 150 ~ 350 900 ~ 2100
Deadly Shot  300 ~ 500 800 ~ 1000 4800 ~ 6000

  • Not recommended in Original due to expensive purchase cost and its inconvenience.
  • Try to make a direct hit to reduce enemies's health quickly.
  • It is recommended to cover teammates instead of going solo.
  • M32 has a screen shake effect if the enemy gets hit in the grenade's effective range, use this to mess up your enemies's aim so that they cannot shoot you and your teammates.
  • M32, like most grenades, has splash damage. The splash damage also penetrates walls.
  • It has limited range, so try not to go directly against snipers or riflers.
  • Make sure you have a good secondary or melee weapon in case you are run out of ammo.

  • A direct shot on the body can cause 150 ~ 350 damage. By activating Deadly Shot, it can boost up to 1000 damage/round (consider the grenade hit the body directly), the maximum damage caused can boost up to a massive amount of 4800 ~ 6000/6 rounds with Deadly Shot.
  • Use it in closed areas such as Ducts, but be careful of the Splash damage, it can kill you if detonates close to you.
  • Headshot cannot be done when firing normally. Use Deadly Shot instead.
  • Aim for the newly infected zombies as they are very vulnerable.
  • It can hold up to 54 rounds with Strong Lifepower.
  • Player can shoot it while reloading, similar to shotguns. However, if zombies are getting near, abort reload and switch to secondary weapon. Note than this gun has low stun power.
  • Due to low stun and knockback, the user is advised not to shoot this weapon in very close range.
  • Player also can reload and shooting at same time when in scope mode but it will decrease the accuracy.
  • M32 MGL is good at reducing zombie's armor.

  • M32's maximum spare ammunition is 36 rounds.
  • Use this weapon to deal with zombie hordes, each shot can kill many zombies and gain your money very fast. Use this chance to fast upgrade your Health, Power and Durability levels.
  • It does not very suitable for facing Deimos, Ganymede, Juggernaut and Bosses.
  • M32 MGL is more likely to be a supportive weapon rather than front line weapon.

  • The screen shake effect will affect both your teammate and the enemies. It is advised not to shoot at somewhere near your teammate.
  • It is recommended in this mode, not only because it can kill human in only 2 shots, but it also deals tremendous amounts of damage and since it stuns zombies.

  • Variant[]

    M32 MGL Venom
    M32 MGL Venom

    It is a 6-round revolver-type grenade launcher that uses special grenades and can inflict deadly poison damage to zombies. It is short-burst and leave poisonous gas for several seconds after the grenade has been launched.


    Firing sound

    Explosion sound

    Reload started

    Inserting a shell

    Reload finished

    Firing sound


    • This is the fifth grenade launcher in the game.
    • Unlike most scoped weapons, the M32 MGL will remain zoomed in if reloading is invoked while still scoped. The user of this weapon may also toggle the scope even while the reloading is in progress.
    • When switching this weapon to a melee, it makes the "Inserting new shells" sound.
    • If you are hit by this weapon, sometimes your screen will shake depending of the radius the blast you are in, even though you are a teammate of the said weapon user.
    • In Zombie: The Union, the buttstock will be colored according to team which the user plays in instead of the hands.
    • The Commandos in Battle Rush mode never reload with this weapon. It has infinite ammo.
    • M32 Venom uses the default crosshair instead of the usual grenade launcher crosshair.

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