Minor Weapons are the scrapped version of weapons available from Craft. They are after the original version that are only available from Letter Collecting Event or Code Box which posses the same attribute with the original weapons except different skin and tweaked damage.

Erupt Cannon

Main article: Erupt Cannon

The entry-level type of Cannon that unleashes an explosive shot at close range.


Main article: Slasher

An entry-level melee chainsaw with exerted power. Its secondary fire mode allows the user to knock zombies away. The knockback effect is only applied in Zombie (Original, Mutant, Hero, Darkness, Bot and Scenario) modes only.

Fire Vulcan

Main article: Fire Vulcan

An entry-level shotgun that spews out 40 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition in automatic fire mode. It has improved accuracy with longer barrel structure.

Lightning Rail

Main article: Lightning Rail

The entry-level rail gun that fires supersonic bullets into electromagnetic energy to accelerate.

Dual Sword Hellfire

Hellfire sword
Main article: Dual Sword Hellfire

Two swords to defeat the demons of hell. If special combination is fulfilled, Sword Feast unfolds.

Dual Beretta Windrider

Main article: Dual Beretta Windrider

Akimbo automatic pistols given to a selection of a few goddesses of justice. Fed with 30 rounds of .44 Fast Draw, these special pistols feature unique martial art that combines marksmanship with bladeworks, using both melee and bullets to devastate enemies.

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