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Money is a currency featured in the Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. Players start out a game with a specified amount (usually $800 but can be set up to $2500, $5000 and $7500), and will receive more as the game goes on, with the maximum amount a player can have set to $16000 (or $32000 for Scenario modes). Players use money to buy various weapons and equipment. Players receive money for completing rounds, with more money awarded for winning a round. Players may often be forced to pick a different weapon selection than they prefer due to monetary limitations. When looking at a player's saved loadouts on the buy menu, any loadout that cannot be fully-purchased with the player's current cash reserve will be slightly grayed-out, as will specific weapons and items in the categories of equipment.

Money in all of the Counter-Strike series uses the dollar symbol

Original Mode[]

Action Money Received/Deducted
Killing enemy players +$300
Killing a teammate -$3300 for individual
Interacting with hostages +$150 each, first time interaction only
Rescuing hostages +$1000, $150 for teammates (awarded at end of round)
Injuring a hostage Vary from how much damage caused, 50 hp equals to -$2500.
Killing a hostage -$1500 for individual
TRs win by Bombing Target +$2750 for team members
Win by Elimination Hostage rescue map +$2000 for team members
Win by Elimination Bomb defuse map +$2500 for team members
CTs win by Bomb Defuse +$2750 for team members
CTs Win by Rescuing Hostages +$2000 for team members + Hostage bonuses
Surviving Hostage Bonus +$150 per hostage for team members
Hostages Rescued Bonus +$250 per hostage for CT team members
Either Team Loses Round +$1400 for team members
Either Team Loses over 2 Consecutive Rounds +$1400 and $500 per round over 2 (to maximum $2900) for team members
Killing theVIP as a TR +$2500 for team members
Successfully made the VIP escape as a CT +$2500 for team members
Killing the VIP as a CT -$3300 for individual

Scenario Mode[]

Both Human and Zombie Scenario Mode has two modes. Normal Mode gives player $7500 as starting money, and Ranking Mode gives players $800 as starting money.

Action Money Received/Deducted
HP/Attack Power Upgrade (Zombie Scenario before Re:boot & Old Human Scenario) -$3000, maximum of 41 Levels each
Double Gate Wall Upgrade -$5000
Airstrike Upgrade (Human Scenario) -$3000, maximum of 40 Levels each
Advance to next round alive $2000 ($5000 for Human Scenario)
Advance to next round dead $1000 ($2500 for Human Scenario)
Joining mid-game Starting Mode Money (Ranking $800, Regular $7500) + ($1000 x rounds already cleared)
Health Replenish via Health Stations (Re:boot only) -$5000
Armor Replenish via Armor Crates (Re:boot only) -$1000
Ammo Replenish via Ammo Crates (Re:boot only) Vary depending the player's ammo stock

New Zombie Shelter[]

Action Money Received/Deducted
Resetting Skill Points -$3000 for each Skill Point used