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Price in match$300
Used forBombs enemy with mooncake
System codemooncake

Room restrict limitfragheMooncake is an event-based equipment in Counter-Strike Online.


Mooncake is available for the players for free during the Mid-Autumn Festival. It shares the same performance as HE Grenade.

During the event. It explodes into one of three types of explosions, each with different damage.

  • The first explosion is a standard HE Grenade explosion, with increased damage. This explosion has a 50% chance to occur
  • The second explosion is copied from the Heart Bomb, with doubled damage compared to the first explosion. This explosion has a 40% chance to occur
  • The final explosion's FX is copied from FG-Launcher, and always performs headshot, dealing a minimum of 200,000 damage in a wide radius. This explosion has a 10% chance to occur

During this event too, the sky of certain maps will be changed to big "CSO Moon", to celebrate this event. The maps are:

Dust icon Italy icon Assault icon Estate icon Militia icon Zm forbidden cso Trap gfx

The players can also get numerous prizes for logging in, play for 30 minutes and 1 hour each day.



  • The mooncakes in Taiwan/Hong Kong and China regions have different appearance and sprite, modeled after Chinese mooncakes.

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