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Mosque (hs_mosque) is an extra Human Scenario map in Counter-Strike Online.


There are unlimited waves of enemy but the mission is cleared in 40 minutes, 1.5 minutes per round. Instead of being equipped with the MP5 during spawn, you are equipped with a Steyr Scout.

In this map you are only allowed to buy sniper rifles.

Official Description[]

The dark river is flowing like it is going to swallow everything. Has the transportation troop led by the Commander Victor escaped safely?

I have never regretted applying for this mission, so that i can stayed here sniping enemies that tried to cross the river. I believe that my comrades who have applied this mission will have the same thought as me.

No one will ever get to cross the river with us around!

- From some soldier's diary who has received the Order of Military Merit in the future.


  1. They bravely fought against the Vanguard Company, but the difference in firepower could not be overcome.
  2. At Victor's request, the headquarters dispatched a transport helicopter, but it took time to safely transfer the sample to the helicopter.
  3. Several members of the unit volunteered to make sacrifices to accomplish their mission, risking their lives to stop the Vanguard Company at the desert mosque to earn time. With the sacrifice of the troops, the transport unit safely loads the sample to the helicopter.
  4. CF. Some of the sacrificial groups complete their missions to the end and return alive. Their bravery was recognized and awarded the Medal of Merit.


  • Use auto-sniper rifles, preferably SG550, G3 SG/1 or SL8.
  • AWP is not recommended although it is effective as it kills with one hit.
  • Barrett M95 and AS50 are highly recommended due to their high destructive power. However, beware that they will quickly burn your money, if you do not purchase magazine one by one.



  • This map was never released in Singapore/Malaysia and Indonesia regions due to possible religious issues.
  • Mosque takes place on September 24, XXXX.
  • The mosque in the background is based on the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, Turkey.
  • This map shares the same structures with Sanctuary.
  • Vanguard Troops in this map are tougher and requires several hits to kill them, unlike the other Human Scenario maps.
    • It maybe because the developer still uses the old code in the old system of Human Scenario.

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