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Mosquitoes are insects to be killed during Mosquito Eradication event.


The mosquito is an insect that appeared during certain events only. During this event, a mosquito eradicating campaign encouraged players to shoot down mosquitoes that were seen hovering around the skies. Mosquitoes will buzz around at certain spots but will not harm the players. As a result for killing mosquitoes, the players are given numerous items from weapons, points to in-game items, usually that are only purchased by cash.

Available Modes

Maps appeared

Rats gfx.png Assault icon.png Italy icon.png Lost city icon.png Double gate icon.png Trap gfx.png Industry2 gfx.png Origin gfx.png

Tips on killing the mosquitoes

  • Use weapons that has high rate of fire and accuracy like Dual MP7A1 and AK-47 60R or use high-damage sniper rifles like M24 or AWP.
  • They become easier to kill (especially with sniper rifles) when they stay still. However, they only do so for a couple of seconds.


Title Description Task
The one who has silenced the night, Bug Killer.
[Bug Killer]
Comrades, our enemies are closer than you think. Lets meet them with our Bug Killer titles. (Only achievable during the event period) Kill 300 mosquitoes.


Mosquito flying sound