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Mosquitoes are insects to be killed during Mosquito Eradication event.


The mosquito is an insect that appeared during certain events only. During this event, a mosquito eradicating campaign encouraged players to shoot down mosquitoes that were seen hovering around the skies. Mosquitoes will buzz around at certain spots but will not harm the players. As a result for killing mosquitoes, the players are given numerous items from weapons, points to in-game items, usually that are only purchased by cash.

Available Modes[]

Maps appeared[]

Rats gfx Assault icon Italy icon Lost city icon Double gate icon Trap gfx Industry2 gfx Origin gfx

Tips on killing the mosquitoes[]

  • Use weapons that has high rate of fire and accuracy like Dual MP7A1 and AK-47 60R or use high-damage sniper rifles like M24 or AWP.
  • They become easier to kill (especially with sniper rifles) when they stay still. However, they only do so for a couple of seconds.


Title Description Task
The one who has silenced the night, Bug Killer.
[Bug Killer]
Comrades, our enemies are closer than you think. Lets meet them with our Bug Killer titles. (Only achievable during the event period) Kill 300 mosquitoes.


Mosquito flying sound