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The Mounted Machine Gun is a .50 caliber mounted heavy machine gun appears in some Zombie Scenario maps, Rush Battle and Zombie Shelter.


The MMG which is usable in some Zombie Scenario maps, Urban Assault and Zombie Shelter (both old and new versions). This machine gun is fed with 250 rounds of .50 BMG cartridges in an ammo box. The player can use it by walking to the machine gun and pressing the USE button (Default: E).

Ammunition for the mounted guns is limited, and once depleted, the player needs to wait for 3 minutes to replenish it or die and respawn. Players have their own ammo pool for the mounted gun, yet shared throughout other mounted machine guns in the same map.


  • High damage
  • High ammo capacity (250)
  • No reload required
  • High rate of fire


  • Very long time to obtain new bullets (3 minutes)
  • Mounted in specific location in maps only
  • Cannot move while using it
  • No crosshair, replaced with iron sights

Known bugs[]

  • Urban Assault: When the user is shot by the enemies while using this gun, it will automatically stop working.
  • Zombie Shelter (old version): Sometimes when you stop using the Mounted Gun, you will be unable to move until next respawn.
  • Other maps: Sometimes when you use the Mounted Gun, and a Ganymede charges at you, you will get stuck and cannot move until you die. This bug can be seen mostly in Threat.
  • You can crouch while using it.


Fire sound

Empty ammo sound


  • This gun uses a script file from the mounted gun in Half-Life.
  • This is the first mounted gun in Counter-Strike Online.
  • There is a "KRONOS" on the side of this gun, indicating that it is developed by Kronos, the same company from Metal Arena.