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Mr. X was the main antagonist in the Episode Choi of Zombie Scenario Season 6.


Nobody knows his name exactly. He is just called Mr. X. He is affiliated with Asia Red Army and has been funded by Douglas Jacob to cause terror to the world. In the first encounter, he helps Ritsuka to capture Choi Ji Yoon, but later on, he fights against May and her squad to death.

He uses an exclusive manual battle mech named MX-2000 that ravages the battlefield. After its destroyed, he decide to avoid capture by merge himself with zombie virus to turn into an aquatic creature that lurks around the depths.

Defeat reward[]

Bark of Mr. X

Mr x zb back

Mr. mutated Adapting to the human body, such as the shell so that you can use the X-recovery capability. If you are installing from a zombie scenario mode stamina is recovered at a slower rate.




  • According to the model's texture, Mr. X has the figure of Gerard with Fernando's hair.
  • You can see several Headcrabss from Half-Life in Mr. X's mouth. They are three times smaller than usual.