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Naberius is an Epic grade Equipment weapon in Counter-Strike Online.


This item can be obtained from Lunar New Year Event and Epic Decoder.

An underworld weapon that appears to be imbued with an aura of death. Your soul gauge increases based on the number of basic attacks you make, gain special rounds over time, and if you kill an enemy by using Naberius, you can harvest their soul to gain additional special rounds. You can use Soul Orb, which defends your perimeter or damage enemies with projectiles, or Soul Helix, which deals heavy damage to enemies ahead of you. In moments of crisis, you can use Soul Armor to automatically block and knock back zombie attacks.


  • Has 180 degree area damage upon basic fire (long range hit still possible)
  • Soul Orb automatically targets nearby enemies and deals high knockback and damage
  • Soul Armor recovers HP depend on amount of damage taken
  • Fast draw ability
  • Soul Helix deals extremely high damage, very long range, slows enemies movement and drag them to trajectory area
  • Recovers energy upon kills in any mode
  • Only takes 10 basic shot to acquire Soul Orb


  • Vulnerable on rear if there is no Soul Orb
  • Slow rate of fire on basic attack and Soul Helix
  • Cannot cancel Soul Helix untill energy ran out or switch back and forth
  • Soul Orbs has milisecond delay before automatically hitting a nearby target
  • Long energy charging time if not killing any enemies
  • No penetration power (basic attack excluded)
  • Long reload time (2 seconds)


  • Notify crosshair when successful hit
  • Unlimited spare ammunition in Zombie Scenario mode

Special functions[]

  • [Soul Orb]: When the soul gauge accumulates at least 1 stage, summon 1 soul sphere, you can summon up to 3 soul sphere. The sphere will automatically fly to the nearest enemy on the player's vicinity. To remove the sphere, use mouse right click to launch the sphere forward.
  • [Soul Helix]: When energy is charged above 30%. Consumes 20% of energy and attacks all surrounding enemies as well as drag them on front, after that, the weapon will continue consuming energy, you can use the mouse left click to attack forward
  • [Soul Armor]: Activates automatically in Zombie and Zombie Scenario modes, emits a soul aura upon hitting enemies enough time while using the Naberius for a short time. Any fatal damage taken after activation is blocked and [Soul Armor] breaks to damage and knock away the attacker and the slow debuff will be cleared. A cooldown triggers after using it in a single round.
    • Zombie mode activation requirements: Hold the weapon for 80 seconds and hit enemies 20 times
    • Zombie Scenario mode activation requirements: Hold the weapon for 60 seconds and hit enemies 20 times

Obtain procedure[]

Obtain 15 Dragon Scales 6940049224801246510
Log in into the game 6940049224801246512
200 minutes of game play 6940049224801246515
Obtained from the Epic Decoder. (1 type is provided according to each probability among rewards). '2024 Happy New Year's nameplate' included



Corresponding Medal[]

6940049224801246549 This medal can be achieved upon acquiring Naberius and Soul Wings (Permanent) 10 Honor Points
Requirements 6940049224801246525

Can be obtained from Dragon Scales


Release Date[]

  • South Korea: February 1st 2024
  • China: February 1st 2024
  • Taiwan/Hong Kong: February 6th 2024
  • CSNS: February 6th 2024




  • Naberius is known to be the most valiant Marquess of Hell.
  • This is the first Epic Weapon in primary slot to have unlimited spare ammunition (Zombie Scenario only).
  • The firing sound is akin to Walther WA2000.
  • Viewmodel B (While in Soul Helix) effect change can only be seen in game.
    • You can perform reload animation while Soul Helix is on.