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Narak is a boss that appeared in Abandoned Hound.


An artificial creature lurking around the Asia Red Army base, suspected to be one of Kronos creation of a mutant worm that came along with Douglas Jacob's plan to orchestrate an zombie attack on the base.


Main body
  • Bound and devour: Narak will bound all players on its front and drag them into its mouth, it'll stop if it sustained enough damage or devoured a player.
  • Electrical discharge: Narak body highlights will change to blue and emits surround electricity from its body, causing an area wide damage.
  • Ground swipe: Narak will swipe itself on surface.
  • Poison spit: Narak will spit 3 poison projectiles on one target.
  • Retreat: Narak will move into underground, a black indicator will appear on its front, any player stand in front of it will be devoured.
  • Poison breath: Narak will stack up poison sphere from its mouth, H.C cannon must be activated to stop and put it to vulnerable state, if failed to do so or not enough activated H.C cannon to damage it, it will breath poison across the area that instantly kill all players.
  • Ground emergence: A gust of force will pull the player toward where Narak will emerges from the ground.
Subordinate tails
  • Shooting pikes: Narak tails will shoot 3 pikes at one target.
  • Thorns: A thorn will comes up from the ground and knock players upward.


Boss theme


  • This is the third boss with companion ability after Kraken and Gluttony.
  • Damaging the tails during main boss fight will also damage the main body of Narak but to kill it still require to hit its main body.
  • Narak has mechanical features despite being a mutant worm.