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Neon City or Tracking: A Planned Tragedy (zs_neoncity) is the second chapter of Zombie Scenario: Season 8 in Counter-Terrorist.

Map info[]

Some of the subjects who managed to escape, including the Queen and Cyborg, appeared to have succeeded in escaping by hijacking a helicopter, but everything was the beginning of a tragedy.


Queen and her party managed to escape from the laboratory, and while traveling in a helicopter, they crashed on the roof of an unidentified city building due to a chase attack. A bizarre city full of colorful lights but no traces of people. It was a tragedy rather than hope that awaited them in Kronos' planned experimental city. A mysterious monster appears in front of Queen's and the group, who slowly entered their planned trap by going back and forth between the roof and the inside of the building.


  • Escape from the unknown city.
  • Defeat the unknown Kronos' Behemoth and survive.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 22 September 2022.
  • CSNS: 5 October 2022.


Davidblack msg
Queen msg
Cyborg msg
Wait time fade screen (20 seconds) - ze_message operation
  • David Black: It is an honor to meet Queen, the commander of the famous mercenary corps like this.
  • Queen: Was I that famous? It's funny to be honored.
  • David Black: Aren't I famous enough to come here like this?
  • Queen: Then you'll know what I like the most. And nothing is free in this world.
  • David Black: You're a pretty sarcastic friend. It's a relationship that we met like this, can we talk about the past?
  • Queen: It's the past. If you want to hear why I want to be with you, I can do it.
Trigger number 50 - starting point (helicopter crash point)
  • Cyborg: Serious damage to the fuselage. Attempt an emergency landing. Everyone be prepared for impact.
  • Queen: Wow... it was breathtaking. Thanks to your emotionless tin brain, we survived.
  • Cyborg: Determining local structure... Use safe structures to move downstairs.
  • Queen: Ha.. damn bastards. I almost got a weapon test after an unwanted human test.
  • Queen: Hey can. You didn't seem to follow me, so why did you follow me?
  • Cyborg: I help my allies. That's my mission.
  • Queen: Is there any loyalty to the tin can? What's the good thing. Please guide me somewhere.
  • Cyborg: Start covering."
Trigger #1 - Rooftop Bridge (Cloud Bridge)
  • Queen: What the hell is this dazzling building? It's overly glamorous, but there's no sign of a human being.
  • Cyborg: Current location unknown. Risk of direct descent in this area is very high.
  • Queen: Yeah. It's on the roof of the building here, so jumping off it would be dangerous for us too. Is there any good way?
  • Cyborg: Move using surrounding terrain. Success rate. Very high.
  • Queen: Features... we're not heroes, what can we do?
  • Cyborg: Descend using the slope of the side building exterior.
  • Queen: Are you sure what the tin judged? Follow me.
  • Queen: You can break the upper window and install a rope to climb up.
Trigger #2 - Neon Sign Area Entry
  • Cyborg: Abnormally high brightness illuminance, lux and lumen sensor detection. Appears to be a hazard.
  • Queen: Are you saying our location will be discovered thanks to that neon sign? Then let's get rid of them all!
  • Cyborg: -Warning- Crane voltage overload detected. Beware of dangerous dives.
  • Queen: The crane fell and made a way to the roof of the building on the other side.
Trigger #3 - Solar panel control room bioreactor destruction area (after safe zone 1)
  • Queen: Aww... I think my head is going to break!! Is it because of the things I see in front of me!?
  • Cyborg: Yes. Destroy those devices immediately.
  • Queen: Even the smell of those rotten meats will paralyze your sense of smell. Kill them all!
  • Cyborg: Start processing.
Trigger #4 - Rooftop disaster prevention room and server room rotational movement route building starting point (after Safe Zone 2)
  • Cyborg: Sector cleared.
  • Queen: Hey. How long do we have to move like this?
  • Cyborg: Scanning for best path. Currently moving on best path.
  • Cyborg: Do you want to find another alternative route?
  • Queen: No. Escape from here first.
  • Queen: I'll take Tin's opinion.
  • Cyborg: Got it.
  • Queen: Yeah. Let's get out of this damn city.
  • Cyborg: Got it.
  • Queen: I'm not talking to any machine... What are you doing? Take the lead.
Trigger #5 - After destroying the window in the server room
  • Cyborg: Facility hack complete. Detour secured.
  • Queen: It's pretty good for a tin can?
  • Queen: Gee... they're coming again!!
  • Queen: I lead!
  • Cyborg: Start covering.
  • Queen: Let's go.
Trigger #6 - The part of the glass window before entering the office (in the direction of the emergency power shutter)
  • Queen: Do you have anything to play with us? We've put up obstacles here and there.
  • Cyborg: This is determined to be a planned city.
  • Queen: It was strange that there were no traces of people.
  • Queen: At best, you escaped the lab, and it would be a shame to die here.
  • Cyborg: Dangerous. Electromagnetic Guidance Detected Forward
  • Queen: Damn obstacles..
  • Cyborg: Eliminate it and survive.
  • Queen: Yes, let's survive together.
Trigger #7 - Balcony on the construction site side
  • Queen: You seem to be running around this maze all the time?
  • Queen: Hey, why don't we go to the construction site across from the cans?
  • Cyborg: Hazard check. Hazard check. But entry is required to escape.
  • Cyborg: Something with an unusual reaction is detected.
  • Queen: The only way to escape is to break through.
  • Queen: Find a way to the construction site!
Trigger #8 - Lower floor across from helipad
  • Queen: Haha~ You've finally come to an open space.
  • Cyborg: Check helicopter for emergency landing.
  • Queen: Yeah. I'm watching. Hey can. Can you control that?
  • Cyborg: Civilian helicopters may need a bit of learning.
Trigger #9 - Warehouse 1 - Entrance across the helipad
  • Queen: Learning? What do you mean I need to get a manual update?
  • Queen: You're very savvy. Aren't all the helicopters there?
  • Cyborg: There is an error in the question. The intent cannot be understood.
  • Queen: Are you really a tin can? Are you ever human?
Trigger #10 - Balcony stairs leading to the upper floor
  • Queen: Is this an obstacle?
  • Queen: It reminds me of those nasty guys playing with us in the lab?
  • Cyborg: Lab. Test Subject. Lab. Test Subject. Maximum Abnormality. Destruction Index Increase.
  • Queen: Oh.. you know how to get mad. Calm down can. The engine will overheat.
  • Queen: Come on, let's go before we become lab rats again.
  • Queen: How did I escape... I'll never see my body disintegrate again.
Trigger #11 - Warehouse 2 - Upper side across from the helipad (before Safe Zone 3)
  • Queen: We have to cross again. Where do we go now?
  • Queen: I feel like I need to rest now.
  • Cyborg: Found a detour. Use the pipe outside the building to move.
  • Queen: Oh, there was no road, so it was difficult, but the navigation was still unobstructed..
  • Queen: Very reliable. Without the cans, we would have died already.
  • Cyborg: It's an honor to be with you
  • Queen: The pronoun of Koji-sik..
  • Queen: Come on, if you fall from here, it's over. Everyone move carefully.
Trigger #12 - Construction site building (after safe zone 4)
  • Queen: The whole city is weird... so unnatural.
  • Cyborg: I ​​agree.
  • Queen: Doesn't this mean someone is looking at us and smiling?
  • Cyborg: Stop chatting. Focus on your escape.
  • Queen: Old Legend~ Cans
Trigger #13 - Entrance to the building (after Safe Zone 4)
  • Cyborg: Found a new enemy. Needs to be killed. Found nearby usable turrets. Proceed with operation.
  • Queen: New enemy? I think this place is too narrow to stop them!
  • Queen: Find the turret activated by the can and move!
Trigger #13 - Construction building + construction building opposite
  • Cyborg: lure zombies with unusual reactions to nearby active turrets and deal with them.
  • Queen: Lure and catch those shiny big bastards! Use the power from their bodies to open the door!
  • Queen: Hold the turret undestroyed! Attract some of the dumber bastards!
  • Queen: Hurry up, everyone! Defeat the big guys to secure power and move upstairs to the construction site!
  • Cyborg: Secure your power. Destroyed turrets will regenerate after 20 seconds. Protect and deal with.
  • Queen: I think the door is open. Go upstairs!
Trigger No. 14 - High-rise movement area on the roof of the railing overpass (after Safe Zone 5)
  • Queen: I'm afraid of heights... are you okay?
  • Cyborg: System OK.
  • Queen: Can't answer like a human... can.
  • Cyborg: Got it.
  • Queen: I don't know what's changed... Yeah.
  • Cyborg: Got it.
  • Queen: Yeah.. a machine... a machine.
  • Cyborg: A memory that used to be human exists. Move to the next area.
Trigger number 15 - electric pump (before safe zone 6)
  • Queen: I hate high places now. I see that helicopter in front of you!
  • Cyborg: Model detection.
  • Queen: How about it? Cyborg. Can it work?
  • Cyborg: Possible.
  • Queen: Okay.
  • Cyborg: I'm just doing my job.
Trigger #16 - Helipad Area 1 (After Safe Zone 6)
  • Queen: Escape is just around the corner.
  • Cyborg: Warning. Warning. Approaching unidentified creature.
  • Queen: What's approaching?
  • Cyborg: Unidentified monster found. Ambient current inductor activated. Resistance required.
  • Queen: Can I destroy everything I see?
  • Cyborg: Destroy all surrounding induction systems.
Trigger number 17 - helipad area 2
  • Queen: I see more devices next door! Get them working!
  • Queen: Whew... fortunately they're not approaching us.
  • Cyborg: Unidentified beast. It keeps an eye on us.
  • Queen: What is that guy? Are we a test subject?
Trigger #18 - Building slide spiral outer wall (after safe zone 7)
  • Queen: That monster earlier!
  • Cyborg: Prepare for a big shock.
  • Queen: That's easy!
  • Queen: Is everyone okay?
  • Cyborg: Find a new path and detour.
  • Queen: Hold on and find your way! Damn it!
Trigger #19 - Ghetto Entrance
  • Queen: I can't help it. Detour into the alley and escape.
  • Queen: Hurry up! Move with all your might!
  • Cyborg: System error. It's hard to move. I find enemies approaching. I block. Escape.
  • Queen: What? No!? It's too early to give up the cans yet! Hurry up and run!!
Trigger #20 - Goal trigger (character dialogue only)
  • David Black: So. Did you deal with that behemoth?
  • Queen: Well... it's all thanks to that can.
  • Queen: Until the very end... he was faithful to his mission.
  • David Black: Yeah. Maybe that's why we met on that mission.
  • David Black: I'd like to thank the can for a moment.
  • Queen: tin can child... there must have been rust and scrap metal. Sometimes I want to hear that tone...
Boss Room Appearance Line
  • David Black: Now, shall we hear the rest of the story?
  • David Black: It's a hard memory, but understanding the monster will be of great help in battle.
  • Queen: That gigantic behemoth eventually followed us through the forest of buildings to the end.
  • Queen: And finally found us...
After defeating the boss
  • David Black: After finding...?
  • Queen: Thanks to the cyborg's performance, I was able to get out of there safely after killing the monster...
  • Queen: Exhilarating... It felt like I was in hell...
  • David Black: Ummm... you can guess what it was like...
  • David Black: Help us fight so that the sacrifices of our comrades are not in vain
  • David Black: Let's take a break and talk about what's next.


Lion Heart
Medal Name Description
Lionheart l Lion Heart A medal awarded to those who defeated Hippomenes 100 times.



  • This chapter is heavily influenced with the cyberpunk theme.
  • The release date for this chapter coincidental to the copyright reserve for a Valve game "Neon Prime" which later changed to "Deadlock".
  • This chapter has the first proper appearance of Metatronic.