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For original mode, see Zombie Shelter.

ZombieshelterNew Zombie Shelter is a replacement for the old Zombie Shelter game mode in Counter-Strike Online.


New Zombie Shelter is a complete expansion from the Old Zombie Shelter, with more features and new game mechanics.

While the Old Zombie Shelter is simply PvPvE, the new mode has two variations: Team Match and Co-Op. The new mode is also teamwork-oriented than the original, with teams taking care of one friendly shelter instead of a shelter for each individual.

Also, the Hammer is no longer available in this mode. The Shelter Axe's performance has been tweaked so that only one slash is enough to reap one quantity of a respective resource.

Zombie Shelter: Coop[]

Main article: Zombie Shelter: Coop.
  • Goal: Annihilate the final target boss zombie or success to request for rescue.
  • Tip: You will lose the game if your team's main shelter is destroyed or you fail to beat the main boss within 30 days.

Zombie Shelter: Team Match[]

Main article: Zombie Shelter: Team Match.
  • Goal: Destroy the enemy's main shelter.
  • Tip: You will lose the game if your team's main shelter is destroyed.


  • You need to collect the resources first. Collect enough wood and steel.
  • Collect electricity to help with shelter defense and defend from the zombie's attack.
  • The Black market will open from the one of 3 places at the basement entrance every day.
  • If you fire the gun recklessly, the noise gauge will activate and zombies will approach here, so be careful.
  • Try to set up the jobs and coordinates with your teammates, teamwork are required in this mode.

Tool tips[]

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Structures and Buildings[]

Name Description Note
Worktable icon
This is the site for crafting. To build this worktable, it requires Beginner Engineer Skill. Unlocks:
  • Shelter Tier 2.
  • Combat:
    • Craft Machete: Deals higher damage and attack rates on Zombies.
    • Enhance Gun Barrel: Enhances primary weapon to deal higher damage.
    • Craft Pistol: Crafts a USP45. Disappears after death, needs to craft again.
  • Survival:
    • Craft Crowbar: Higher attack rate and further range.
    • Enhance Fuse: Mines can be detonated two times.
    • Induction Sensors Build: Can control the setting for mines.
  • Engineer:
    • Craft Claw Hammer: Higher attack rate, faster repair and build time.
    • Enhance Turret: Turret enhanced deals more damage, more durable.
    • Public Resource Distributing System: The engineer builds using public resources, instead of individual.
Zsht btn mainselter1@n
Shelter Tier 2
This is the upgraded shelter that can be upgraded after building a Worktable. Unlocks:
  • Reconnaissance Guard Post.
  • Enhanced Barbed-Wire Fence.
  • Thorn Trap.
  • Flamethrower.
  • Communication Tower.
  • Medium Generator.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder: Sets up a freeze trap. It will explode when the enemies come nearby. The enemies around the explode range will freeze for a while.
Communication tower icon
Communication Tower
This is the tower that generates radar for players and indicates the location of black market for buying weapons. It requires Intermediate Engineer Skill to build this tower. After building this tower, the player is able to upgrade the shelter to Tier 3.
Zsht btn mainselter2@n
Shelter Tier 3
This is the upgraded shelter that can be upgraded after building a Communication Tower. Unlocks:
  • Claymore.
  • Gatling Tower.
  • Large Generator.
Concrete refinery icon
Concrete Refinery
This is the final structure needed to unlock special buildings. It requires Expert Engineer Skill to build this refinery. Unlocks:
  • Shelter Tier 4.
  • Battle Guard Post.
  • Concrete Wall.
  • Enhanced Gate.
  • Mortar Tower
Zsht btn mainselter4@n
Shelter Tier 4
This is the final upgrade for shelter after the player has built Concrete Refinery. Unlocks:
  • Shop Post: Can buy weapons at the watchtower.
  • Plasma Turret: Shoots lasers that are harmful to the zombies.
  • Electrics Tower: Attacks and stuns the enemies around the tower with electricity.
  • Mega Generator: Generates a huge amount of electricity.

  • Building Menu can be opened by pressing B key.
Name Description Note
Zsht btn watchtower@n
Shelter Tier 1: Observation Post.

Shelter Tier 2: Reconnaissance Guard Post.

Shelter Tier 3: Battle Guard Post.

Shelter Tier 4: Shop Post.

The following buildings will consume the public resource and can only be build in the selected location.
Zsht btn wall@n
Shelter Tier 1: Barbed-Wire Fence.

Shelter Tier 2: Enhanced Barbed-Wire Fence.

Shelter Tier 3: Concrete Wall.

Zsht btn metaldoor@n
Shelter Tier 1: Barbed-Wire Gate.

Shelter Tier 3: Enhanced Gate.

The gate will consume the electricity.
Zsht btn siren n
The alarm will inform you of the enemy’s approach. Shelter Tier 1 (this item was removed and already became available when start).
Zsht btn trap@n
Trap and Explosion
Shelter Tier 1: Installed Type Mine.

Shelter Tier 2: Thorn Trap.

Shelter Tier 3: Install Claymore, Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder.

Shelter Tier 4: Electronics Tower.

Zsht btn autoturret@n
Auto Defense Tower
Shelter Tier 1: Gun Tower.

Shelter Tier 2: Flame Tower.

Shelter Tier 3: Gatling Tower, Mortar Tower.

Shelter Tier 4: Plasma Tower.

Zsht btn technics@n
Function Building
Worktable: Available to upgrade Shelter Tier 2.

Communication Tower: Available to upgrade Shelter Tier 3, and open mini-map.

Concrete Refinery: Available to build Shelter Tier 4, Tier 3 Barricade, Gate, and Watchtower.

The following buildings will consume the public resource.
Zsht btn warehouse@n
Storage allows you to store your public resources. The public resource will be indicated at the upper screen, and you need to build more storage if you want to increase its maximum capacity. Click E keyboard button from the following object to share your resource. Requirement: Shelter Tier 1.
Zsht btn generator@n
You need a Generator to create electricity. Shelter Tier 1: Small Generator.

Shelter Tier 2: Medium Generator.

Shelter Tier 3: Large Generator.

Shelter Tier 4: Mega Generator.

Zsht btn healing@n
Recovery Facility
This is the facility for you to recover your HP or mental gauge. HP recovery: Emergency medical facility.

Mental gauge recovery: Camp Fire (Survival skill required).


  • Skill Tree Menu can be opened by pressing N key.
  • You gain 3 skill points at day 1 and 1 every day after that.
    • You can reset you skill with $3000 per skill point used (max at $32000)
Combat Survival Engineer
Tier 1 Ammo Up Health Up Beginner Gun Mastery Speed up Beginner Havest Explorer Auto Repair Beginner Engineer Improve Blueprint
Tier 2 Combat Crafting Kevlar Enhancement Intermediate Gun Mastery Survival Crafting Advance Harvest Campfire Engineer Crafting Intermediate Engineer Electrical Engineering
Tier 3 Special Gun Mastery Combat Master Advanced Gun Mastery Endurance Scavenger Hunter Recycle Expert Engineer Construction Master
Tier 4 Stats Up Bombing Request Resource Transporting Cloak Turret Tower Moving Wrecking team

Tier Upgrade Description
1 Zsh gunmaster1 icon
Beginner Gun Mastery
Level 1: You can use submachine guns and shotguns.

Level 2: Increases the damage of these types of weapons.

Level 3: Additional damage increases in these types of weapons.

  • The weapon price is reduced by 15%.
  • Maximum carrying amount of weapons has been increased.
Zsh ammoup1 icon
Ammo Up
Increases the ammo capacity by 50% of the max that you can have.
Zsh healthup1 icon
Health Up
Recovers health by:
  • Level 1: 5% increase.
  • Level 2: 10% increase.
  • Level 3: 15% increase. Rate of increase affected by number of days.
2 Zsh gunmaster2 icon
Intermediate Gun Mastery
Level 1: You can use assault rifles and sniper rifles.

Level 2: Increases the damage of these types of weapons.

Level 3: Additional damage increases in these types of weapons, the weapon price is reduced by 20%.

Zsh Combatcraft1 icon
Combat Crafting
Machete can be crafted at Workstation. Press E key at the Workstation, crafting menu appears.
Zsh armorup2 icon
Kevlar Enhancement
Increases Defense when you purchase Kevlar:
  • Level 1: 20%.
  • Level 2: 150%.
  • Level 3: 200%.
3 Zsh gunmaster3 icon
Advanced Gun Mastery
Level 1: You can use machine guns and equipments.

Level 2: Increase the damage of these types of weapons.

Level 3: Additional damage increases in these types of weapons, the weapon price is reduced by 25%.

Zsh healthup3 icon
Combat Master
When a certain amount of HP drops, you're invincible for a certain time.
  • Level 1: HP below 14%, invincible for 4 seconds.
  • Level 2: HP below 20%, invincible for 5 seconds.
Zsh gunmaster4 icon
Special Gun Mastery
Unlocks grenades on the buy menu.
  • Level 1: Grenade damage increased by 25%.
  • Level 2: Grenade available +1.
  • Level 3: Melee damage increased by 100% and the weapon price reduced by 30%.
4 Zsh airstrike icon
Bombing Request
Request an Air Bombing to the following area. Press 5 to use.
Zsht st btn t4statusup@n
Stats Up
Stamina, armor, weapon damage and amount of ammunition will be increased.

Tier Upgrade Description
1 Zsh lumberjack1 icon
Beginner Harvest
Increases the amount of wood and steel harvest:
  • Level 1: Harvest rate increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
  • Level 2: Harvest rate increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
  • Level 3: Collection volume increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
Zsh speedup1 icon
Speed Up
Moving speed increases by 5% in Level 1, 10% in Level 2 and 20% in Level 3.
Zsh scavenger1 icon
Level 1: Able to find the nearby Wood easily.

Level 2: Able to find the nearby Steel easily.

Level 3: Able to detect the nearby enemy.

2 Zsh blacksmith2 icon
Advance Harvest
Removal skill: Resources and money can be collected on some specific items within the map:
  • Level 1: Harvest rate increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
  • Level 2: Collection volume increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
  • Level 3: Harvest rate increases, the maximum carrying capacity also increases.
Zsh campfire2 icon
Campfire is available in Recovery Facility section. Campfire can restore hunger and HP. Only one Campfire can be built at a time.
Zsh Survivalcraft1 icon
Survival Crafting
Crowbar available to craft at Workstation. Press the E key on the Workstation, crafting menu appears.
3 Zsh tracker3 icon
Increases speed and damage of traps setting.
Zsh innerfocus3 icon
Decreases the rate of decline in hunger by half. When hunger rate is more than 50%, HP recovers by 1% per sec.
Zsh locator2 icon
Have the chance to loot money, woods or steel from killing zombies.
4 Zsh stealth icon
Becomes half-invisible for 15 seconds and while the buff is still active, your speed will be significantly increased as well as any damage delivered by thyself is fatal. The buff will be gone either after said amount of time or performed/received any sort of damage.
Zsht st btn t4shareresource@n
Resource Transporting
Resource from inventory is automatically transported to the storages if the inventory is full.

Tier Upgrade Description
1 Zsh medic1 icon
Auto Repair
Regenerates armor and automatic turret nearby. Auto repair takes effect only when idling.
  • Level 1: +1% repair per sec.
  • Level 2: +3% repair per sec.
  • Level 3: +5% repair per sec.
Zsh engineer1 icon
Beginner Engineer
Level 1: Able to build a Workroom.

Level 2: Tier 2 Construction Speed +15%.

Level 3: Tier 1 Building HP +10%.

Zsh architect1 icon
Improve Blueprint
Level 1: Decreases the number of required resource for construction.

Level 2: Additional Decrements on the number of required resource for construction.

Level 3: Additional Decrements on the number of required resource for construction.

2 Zsh Techcraft1 icon
Engineer Crafting
Claw Hammer can be crafted at Workstation. Press E key at the workstation, the craft menu appears.
Zsh engineer2 icon
Intermediate Engineer
Level 1: Able to build a Communication Tower.

Level 2: Tier 2 Construction Speed +15%.

Level 3: Tier 2 Building HP +10%.

Zsh electricup2 icon
Electrical Engineering
Decreases the number of required electricity for a new construction object.
3 Zsh recycle2 icon
Allows users to collect resources from demolition of the building.
Zsh engineer3 icon
Expert Engineer
Level 1: Able to create Concrete Refinery.

Level 2: Tier 3 Construction Speed +15%.

Level 3: Tier 3 Building HP +10%.

Zsh hunter3 icon
Construction Master
Creation speed will increase when you have a certain amount of Mental Gauge.
4 Zsh c4expert icon
Wrecking team
Able to use C4 Bomb. C4 Bomb can deliver damage to any object.
Zsht st btn t4movetower@n
Turret Tower Moving
Able to move the built turrets to any place.


Reboot Zshelterbanner

After the Re:boot, Zombie Shelter is expanded.

New Defense[]

  • Mortar: The mortar will launch deadly explosive attacks toward the enemies.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cylinder: The cylinder will explode and freeze nearby enemies.

New Tools[]


A knife used to make a jungle road in the jungle. You can use it for logging woods. It is thick and boasts a durable, strong power. In this mode, this weapon deals more damage to zombies and can make player obtain two resources in only one hit.


A tool used to pull nails. Surprisingly, its hardness makes it a powerful weapon. In this mode, this weapon can make the player obtain four resources in only one hit.

Claw Hammer

Hammer is used for construction modifications to maintain combat weapon specific. It has higher rate of slash, can fix damaged structures faster and can decrease build time, better than the original Shelter Axe.

New Build Menu
  • Shelter Tier 4.
  • Shop Post.
  • Plasma Tower.
  • Electronics Tower.
  • Mega Generator.
  • Combat class: Stats Up.
  • Survival class: Resource Transporting.
  • Engineer class: Turret Tower Moving.
New features
  • Upon upgrading to Shelter Tier 3, the mini-map (radar) and black market position will be unlocked.
  • Any buildings cannot be destroyed directly by latecomer players, that is individuals who come after day 5 onward.
Rescue Request
Anonymous msg
  • Succeed to defend the shelter until the helicopter arrives.
  • All personnel must request for rescue to begin.
  • All personnel must be grouped up within 60 seconds after requesting.
  • After 60 seconds, you can apply again if the request is aborted.
  • We receive the rescue request! Defend yourselves until we arrives!
  • Communications recovery complete. From now, you can request for rescue through the Communication Tower.


Title Description Task
A medal given to a person who protected the shelter from the zombies in Dead City
[The Last Survivor]
Gentleman, you must utilize your ability to survive from the dead city. Don't forget that you can only protect you and your comrades by collecting, building, and fighting. This can only be achieved in rooms with 4 players. Clear New Zombie Shelter: Co-op for 100 times.
A medal given to a person who avoided zombies and destroyed the enemy's shelter in Dead City
Gentleman, what will you do to survive with limited resource? You must protect your own resource and steal other people's resource. You can only survive by destroying the enemies in the world. This can only be achieved in rooms with 6 or more players. Achieve 100 victories in New Zombie Shelter: Team Match.



Siren (when constructions are receiving damage)

Warning, hunger gauge is almost empty

Placing building

Building finished

Failed to place building

Building have been destroyed


Zsht btn mainselter3 n

Old model of Shelter Tier 4

  • The icon for the Shelter Tier 4 was present back when the corresponding update was not released, however it was from the Old Zombie Shelter model.
  • Like its predecessor, in this mode, if a player dies during night, he/she will spectate the others with a Night vision goggle automatically.
  • After New Zombie Shelter was released in Indonesia region, there is a bug where players were still given the special mission for old Zombie Shelter instead of the new ones. Also, the old version of "City of Damned" can still be played.
  • So far, the current maps for this mode have plenty of structures which cause bosses to get up there by jumping, making it difficult to defeat them.
  • There is a bug where a player can get stuck in a building, if he/she was constructing it inside a solid part of the structure. This often happens when upgrading the shelter. Unfortunately, this hasn't been fixed yet and the only way to get out is by getting killed.
    • This bug may be fixed by pressing the jump or duck key. In the worst case, the player can try to record a demo then stop recording it to refresh the model entity.
  • Latency may be affected by the amount of entities presented in the map, this usually happens during night time because of the constant zombies spawning at a pace which increases each day, alongside the amount of buildings, specially defense buildings such as the Mortars or Gatling Turrets.
  • Unbeknownst to players, gameplay has been yet again tweaked, some skills have been subjected to changes either to balance or give more advantage to players.
  • Whenever a player uses Cloak skill, some might experience latency issues accompanied of Light zombie's and Regular zombie's death cry looping while the buff is active.
  • There was a glitch related with the Cloak skill by which the user would be able to use it for an indefinite amount of time until it got patched with the Zombie Mode Rework update.
  • There's a trick involving the Cloak skill whereby a player can defeat a boss quickly without use of weapons, it can be done in two ways:
    1. Plant a C4 close enough so it can damage even a little bit them. 15 seconds before it detonates, reset your skills to that of a tier-4-Survival class and trigger the Cloak skill; the explosion will be enough to deal with them.
    2. Engage the Cloak skill and quickly reset your skills sets to that of a tier-4-Combat class, prior to getting into the boss area lock-on to them, procceed to go once the projectiles are about to drop, it should take around 3 ~ 4 hits of the missiles while the Cloak skill is still activate to take them down.
    • You must have earned the maximum amount of cash, which is $32000 in order to reset your skill set and at least survive by the eighth day.
  • There was a common bug related to non-hitscan weapons whereby skills that were meant to buff the firepower would be neglected. Players would usually fire the projectile first and then trigger the Cloak skill in order to the effect be applied. This was patched in the 2016 update.