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Night Stalker is a zombie type introduced in Zombie 4: Darkness.


Only Available in Zombie 4: Darkness mode.

The Night Stalker is a huge mutated zombie with high speed and defense capabilities. It possesses two abilities: [Hardening Sprint] which is used to increase both speed and knockback resistance and [Leap Strike], aimed to lunge itself toward a specific location in order to short distance between targets.


This zombie has 2 available abilities:

  • Hardening Sprint: The Night Stalker shields itself with its claws, increasing knockback resistance.
  • Leap Strike: The Night Stalker will double jump high in the air and quickly charge forward to a targeted spot.



  • In previous updates, some zombie players could be chosen randomly to play as the Night Stalker upon night time (depending on the amount of players in a room). Since the Shadow Conqueror set was released, the players are able to choose this zombie instead.
  • Night Stalker have 5x more max HP than standard zombies.
  • This zombie appears in Omen chapter as a decoration, alongside other Zombie 4: Darkness's zombies.