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Night Vision Goggles is a piece of equipment in Counter-Strike series and Counter-Strike Online. It is available in the players' inventory by default.


After purchasing the NVGs, the player can activate it by pressing N button by default. The green light makes the player see better in the dark areas of any maps.

There are several variants of night vision goggles:

  • In normal modes, it enable the whole map to glow with dynamic dark green color.
  • In Zombie Modes, it enable a lighter green color. Zombies get a red tint.
  • In Hidden mode, Joker gets a light blue tint.

In Zombie Modes, the player can only obtain night vision goggles through Supply Boxes. It is an important equipment for these modes as zombie maps are dark and the ability reveal an invisible Light Zombie.



  • The NVG depicted in the buy menu is based on the Russian LZOS ON-1x20 goggles. Unlike most inventory icons that are either drawn or rendered, the NVG's inventory icon is basically a photo of the real equipment.
  • In Zombie Shelter and New Zombie Shelter, if a player dies during night, he/she will spectate the others with a NVG automatically.
  • This equipment cannot be used in Scenario modes.
  • If the player is using older or lower-end computer hardware, than the human goggles have been known to cause a massive drop in fps once turned on, making the game unplayable, however, zombie night goggles do not experience the same problem.
    • This is because the human night vision is actually using multiple light beams while for zombies, the system ignores shadows and lighting effect to give 'all red' overlay.