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There are some characters that are not roled by the players. The list below shows the non-playable characters (NPC) in Counter-Strike Online.


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  • Rowen: A support class captain of an unknown special forces.
  • Chen: The Secretary for Security of an unspecified sector.

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  • Henry Stoner: A master craftsman who has accumulated a lot of gun manufacture experience throughout his years of craftsmanship.
  • Gunsmith: A craftswoman who's best known because of her creativity and art when it comes to weapon designing.

Henry Wp gunsmith

Troops and Zombies[]

  • Regular Zombie: Normal zombies with medium attack damage and speed. The origin one has higher health.
  • Light Zombie: Has faster movement speed, attack rate and is harder to be killed than regular zombies although it has lower health.
  • Heavy Zombie: More durable and does higher damage than regular zombies, but moves slower. Can release a trap to lock human's movement for a while.
  • Voodoo Zombie: An infected witch doctor that heals other zombies and has greater health points.
  • Psycho Zombie: An infected surgeon who releases a black smoke to disturb human's concentration.
  • Sting Finger: An infected female researcher who has a longer range attack which deals higher damage than regular zombies.
  • Venom Guard: An infected security guard who explodes upon death. The death blow can injure and knock humans away.
  • Pierrot: A weak, harmless snowman which appears in Bonus Rounds only.
  • Hound zombie: A stray guard dog which was infected by the zombie virus.
  • Parkour Zombie : A zombie which first appears in Omen with the ability to climb up walls.

Pierrot Hound zombie


Host Deimos Origin Deimos Ganymede npc Juggernaut


  • Crasher Zombie: Blue colored Heavy Zombie which has stronger health and attack power.
    • In Threat chapter, there are also blue colored Regular Zombies, however, their function and health has no different with normal Regular Zombies.
    • In Hell Ride, starting from Day 22, blue colored Juggernaut will appear. However, their function and health has no different with normal Juggernauts.
  • Pursuer Zombie: Purple colored Light Zombie which has fast movement, high jump and extreme attack damage.
  • Stalker Zombie: Black colored Light Zombie which has slightly faster movement.
    • In Envy Mask chapter, there are also black colored Regular Zombies with the same function.
  • Thrower Zombie: Green colored Regular Zombie which throws Zombie Grenade.
    • There are also green colored Light Zombies and Heavy Zombies with the same function, note that they only appear in Lost City, after Scenario Re:boot.
  • Enhanced Zombie: Orange colored Regular Zombie which has high health and attack power.
  • Red-colored Zombies: Unknown by name, these zombies have slightly higher health and attack power. They appear with different types of the origin zombies. They make their first appearance in Round 2 of Last Clue.
  • Dark-yellow-colored Zombie: Unknown by name. These zombies have higher health and attack power. They appear with Origin Regular Zombies in Double Gate hard level in round 16 and can throw Zombie Grenade like the Thrower ones. However, after Scenario Re:boot, they don't appear anymore. In other hand, they appear with different types in Decoy, Angra Nest, Threat but cannot throw grenades.
  • Dark-blue-colored Ganymede: Unknown by name, these zombies appear in New Zombie Shelter maps, and have the same functions with normal Ganymede.
    • In Desert Plant, when Angra appears, it will fly to the player's shelter to throw some Venom Guards and other special zombie types, which come in a dark-blue colored skin. Those zombies have more health and damage than normal ones.
  • Red-colored Parkour Zombie: Unknown by name, they share the same performances as normal Parkour Zombie, except higher attack power and slower movement.
  • Different colored zombies in Zombie Scenario Hard 2 ~ 9:
    • Orange-colored Origin Regular Zombie: These zombies throw Zombie Grenade. They are similar to Thrower Zombies but make higher damage.
    • Orange-colored Light Zombie: These zombies have fast movement and make high damage.
    • Green-colored Voodoo Zombie: These zombies have high HP than normal Voodoo Zombies.
    • Green-colored Venom Guard: These zombies make high damage (by both attacking and exploding).

  • Trooper: The most common Vanguard troop who appears in all Human Scenario maps.
  • Titan: Heavily-armored minigunner.
  • Ghost: Desert-camouflaged sniper of the Vanguard troop.
  • Lancer: Specialized rocket launcher of the Vanguard troop.
  • Heavy Titan: The chief commander of the Vanguard troop.
  • Drone: Appears in Blaze, assists the Osprey to attack the players and Last Ride.
  • HScen Enemy3 Titan Ghost Lancer HScen HTitan

    HScen Drone


    Zombie Scenario[]

    Bosshp bg left new Bosshp bg left big01 new Bosshp bg left oberon new

    Bosshp bg left dione new Dione2 hud Bosshp bg left revenant new Bosshp bg left angra

    Bosshp bg left fallentitan Bosshp bg left scorpion Bosshp bg left ampsuit Kraken Tentacle Kraken Armor Kraken Body

    • Frozen Terror: An infected Yeti which appears in Encounter, and as mini-boss in Envy Mask and Paranoia.
    • Gluttony: A fat, dragon-like boss which appears in Conspiracy and Envy Mask (hologram only).
    • Neid and Zavist: Two mutated females clones who appeared in Envy Mask and Paranoia (mini-bosses).
    • Dr. Rex: The mad scientist who finally had shown up in Paranoia and infected himself with the zombie virus.
    • Kraken: Appeared as a mini-boss in Paranoia, but only the tentacles.

    Bosshp bg left frozenterror Bosshp bg left gluttony Bosshp bg left envy Bosshp bg left rex Kraken Tentacle

    Bosshp bg left grasshopper Bosshp bg left zombiejack Bosshp bg left cronobotics53 Bosshp bg left cronobotics54

    MX2000 Mr Unarmored Armored Bosshp bg left zombiebrachyura Bosshp bg left cmch00 new Bosshp bg left zbs64

    Bosshp bg left colossus Bosshp bg left megalodon Bosshp bg left zbs73 Agent B

    Agent H Agent H

    Attack On Titan[]

    Bosshp bg left armorgiant

    Human Scenario[]

    Bosshp bg left cmch00 new Bosshp bg left osprey00 new Bosshp bg left goliath00 new

    Scenario guide[]

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    • Senior Researcher Soy or Doctor Aegis: Appeared to support the player in all the chapters of Zombie Scenario 2 (including extra-maps).


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    • Gerard: Appeared in all chapters of Zombie Scenario 4 to support the player.
    • Red Lizard Jim: Appeared to support the player in all the chapters of Zombie Scenario 4.
    • Unknown NPC (Dr. Rex): Appeared in Conspiracy and Envy Mask as mysterious antagonist character.
    • Dr. Rex: Showed his true face in Envy Mask and later in Paranoia as final boss.

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    • Jennifer: Appeared in all chapters of Zombie Scenario 5 to support the player.
    • Jack: Appeared in Memories as main antagonist character, who was infected and became the boss.
    • Dr. Rex: Appeared in Memories when talking to Soy (in memory of Jennifer).
    • Soy: Appeared in Memories when talking to Dr. Rex (in memory of Jennifer); in Another Truth and Last Ride to support the player.

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    • Unknown NPC (Gerard): A member of the Counter-Terrorist appeared to guide the remainining survivors to escape from the zombies in Hitchhiking.
    • Red Lizard Jim: Appeared to guide the remaining survivors to escape from the zombies in Hitchhiking.

    Anonymous (Gerard)

    Zim msg

    • Unknown NPC: A mysterious man appeared to support the player.

    Victor msg

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    • Felix: Appeared to support the player.
    Felix msg

    • Soy: Appeared as main character in all Zombie File maps.
    • Unknown NPC (David Black): A mysterious man appeared to support Soy (the player) in Third Report.
    • David Black: Revealed himself at the end of Third Report to save Soy.

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