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Can I trust your ability? No matter what, I already paid you.
— Norman words in Contact chapter

Norman is a non-player character in Counter-Strike Online.


Norman is the most trusted comrade of Red Lizard Jim. This is known from the Blaze and Sidewinder chapters of Human Scenario. He regrets Jim has betrayed Vanguard and joined the opposing force.

Norman tried to escape from the Vanguard Lab after it had been ruined by the zombie virus. However, he managed to set a trap for David Black to kidnap Erika and go for the escape act. Unfortunately, he was infected in Panic Room chapter and perhaps died while falling down from the panic room.



  • Norman is a hot-tempered person.
  • He was also involved in Vanguard's researches as the sponsor.
  • David Black has a relationship with Norman due to AFC is also a part of Vanguard Company.