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Can I trust your ability? No matter what, I already paid you.
— Norman words in Contact chapter

Norman is a non-player character in Counter-Strike Online.


Norman was the headmaster of the Red Lizzard. He is very greedy for money. He doesn't understand Jim refusal to accept the request of the giant company, the Vanguard Company, and in the end, to satisfy his greed, he betrays the Red Lizard mercenary and sells his garrison to the Vanguard Company. and in exchange for his betrayal, he was given the position of Commander in Chief. In order to be recognized for his status, he independently conducts Dr. Rex's research by using force to steal Phobos' DNA from Victor,

While working in his office, he heard about a virus leak from bodyguards and tries to escape, but the Vanguard Company lab is already full of zombies. Even the Osprey, the last remaining means of escape, is sent away due to the betrayal of his colleagues, and he remains isolated completely in the Panic Room and asks the AFC crew where he usually trades for his rescue. When the AFC troops entered Vanguard facility, he started to have a bizzare behavior by manage to send AMP Suit as a bait for David Black to call another one to kidnap Erika for his own escape act. In the Panic Room, the only way to stop David Black is to jump himself into the depth, use the Zombie Virus to mutate and fuse himself to the defense system, when he's defeated, the Panic Room also collapses. In the end, Norman's greed resulted in the destruction of the Vanguard Company and himself, and the question of why Norman kidnapped Erica remained unresolved.



  • Norman is a hot-tempered person.
  • He was also involved in Vanguard's researches as the sponsor.
  • David Black has a relationship with Norman due to AFC is also a part of Vanguard Company.