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For her Counter-Terrorist counterpart, see Skadi.

Nyx is a Transcendent grade Terrorist character in Counter-Strike Online.


A dark elf shaman that serves Skadi who was transported to this world while seeking the frost flower. She was recruited because Skadi rushes into action, claiming that to do so is the obligation of royalty. She is satisfied with this world and its lack of class divides, and she dreams of sending Skadi back to their original world while remaining herself to enjoy the thrills of battle. She provided research support to the Kronos Institute to acquire emergency funds as well.


What's the matter with me? Oh, you want me to introduce myself? Fine... You keep making me do annoying things, but isn't this going to get caught by the local authority? It's been agreed? I didn't consult. Hmm? I got permission from the princess. I can't help it. I'd better think of it as the dark elf that your world often talks about.

Sexy and charming spirits that you can say in your own words. You must be nervous because the beauty is right in front of you You don't have to be too nervous. I'm not interested in things that look like Orc. The world I lived in is a fantasy world that you dream of. An exciting world full of spirits and monsters and more powerful magic than the guns used here. It's funny that you're shaking at zombies in here. If you come to the world, you'll have a heart attack by seeing the difference in the world right away.

To tell you a little bit about the past, I lost all my family in the war when I was young, and I met a princess on my way back, and I've been living a very depressing life until now. Clogged buildings and manners. It was so hard to learn. I'm just saying this to you, and I'm lucky to be in this world, but... It's a terrible thing for her, but... What can I say?. I'm going to take care of the princess and find a way to get her back to her original hometown. But I'm depressed because the great person who will be the queen in the future is catching things that smell like rot than my thought of going home. If I had more company, I'll live here in greater depression. Why am I not going back? I know it's obvious. If I'm going to live in a tight building anyway, I want to live in a comfortable world without a status system like here. It's hell to go back with the princess who's going to declare that she's going to hunt dragons. Well? they're just zombies. It's easy to hunt them out, so you're guaranteed a high salary I participated in some kind of experiment at the Kronos laboratory at this time, and I earned a lot of money. I made a secret pledge, but as I said, I'm a depressed woman.


Buffclassskill 22s4tr bg
  • Zombie Scenario Skill: The Black Ark Passive: If engaging in Zombie Scenario with Skadi, critical rate increases (Connection effect applied, cannot be stacked).
  • <Thorns> Add-On effect is applied by default.
  • Active: (Zombie Scenario) Provides special barrier effects to self and nearby allies / Increases attack power for the duration of the barrier effects for self and nearby allies.
  • Transcendence Class exclusive voices are applied.
  • +10% EXP/Points
  • In Zombie Scenario mode, this character has a higher max level than normal classes.
  • This character adds 1 initial mutation in Zombie Z Mode.
  • This character displays your current damage at the bottom of the screen.
  • Marks enemies at or below 20% HP.
  • This character leaves a unique mark at the target location upon killing an enemy.

Release date[]

  • South Korea: 17 November 2022.

Zombie Scenario stats[]



"Ah, so tired of it, but got to get started"

"Well, might as well do our best."

"Do your best not to inconvenience the princess."


  • Nyx is the Greek goddess and the personification of the night. A shadowy figure, Nyx stood at or near the beginning of creation and mothered other personified deities such as Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death), with Erebus (Darkness). Her Roman equivalent is Nox.