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Oberon has been released! I repeat again! Oberon has been released!
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Oberon or Auberon is a boss that appeares in the chapter Dead End in Zombie Scenario.


Oberon appears in the second round of Dead End and in the fifth round of Nightmare. The players must defeat the Oberon in order to win the map. After defeating Oberon, the players will either get Siege-type's Frame or Siege-type's DNA (Note: those items cannot be obtained anymore after Zombie Scenario Re:boot. Instead, the players will receive the new ones). Oberon also appears in Collapse and New Zombie Shelter.


  • Sometimes, Oberon will land on some places where half of his body stays out of the map. Usually, he starts his bombardment attack, most of his bombs will be blasted outside the map. Players can use this as an advantage.
  • When he is bombarding, try not to attack him and use a light weapon ( pistols are recommended) and keep your eyes in the air to avoid his bombs.


Oberon has four abilities.

  • The Oberon just attacks the players with normal strikes. He can also perform a high jump and slam on a targeted player or location. The victim on that location will be killed immediately if the victim took a direct hit from that attack.
  • Moreover, Oberon can summon a black hole beneath his feet that pulls the players in. Afterwards, he will perform a spinning attack.
  • The third ability is a kind of bombardment which will blast mines from his back into the air and onto a targeted player. The mines will explode upon impact. (note that this is Oberon's strongest attack)
  • The Oberon releases his claws when his HP is halved. His claw strikes have a special ability to forcefully drop any weapons from a player (except melee weapons).

Minimal Weapons Required[]

Skull5 M249ex gfx Mg3 HK23 Skull3


Honor mission[]

Title Description Task
A medal given to a player who killed Oberon for 100 times
[Oberon Slayer]
Gentleman, I've heard about the rumors of this monster. According to the rumor, The rear view of the monsters looked really horrible with its grey color skin and its cyclops eye. I will like to meet someone who have defeated that kind of monsters more than 100 times. Only available in Pursuit: Dead End map, easy stage is not included. Defeat Oberon 100 times.



  • Oberon managed to escape from the Rex basement and was actually captured by the government but later freed himself by the time the players reach Round 2 of Dead End.
  • In Dead End, there is a glitch where the Oberon uses his jumping attack and later lands outside of the arena.
  • Oberon's name is taken from the second largest moon of Uranus.
  • Sometimes, in round 2 of Dead End map, Oberon will not spawn due to a bug.
  • In Nightmare, if a player stands on the spot where Oberon is going to land, he/she will get crushed.
  • Oberon's head slightly resembles the Guardian of Hell from Doom 3, another FPS game.

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