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Obstacle or Trap of Arrogance is a Zombie Scenario Season 9 map in Counter-Strike Online.


Alin and Dominique have destroyed the secret lab, ruining the hidden experiments kept inside. The powerful shockwave created by the destruction of its core has revealed the locations of Kronos' secret facilities, information which forced the governments of the world to launch detailed investigations. As the cover-up became known, former allies began to turn their backs on Douglas Jacob, who decided to take his wrath out on the world. By simultaneously attacking his most important enemies, he was able to convert their outposts for his own defense.

Due to Douglas Jacob's sudden ambush, the laboratories at the Aegis Institute were captured. In response, Jennifer and Dr. Soi have armed themselves, preparing to recapture the facilities.


  • Pursue the enemy while surviving various traps.
  • Make your way past the outer perimeter and find the hangar.


  • Follow the indicators on the map for a direct route through the mission.
  • Activate any objectives by pressing the E key in areas marked with an E.
  • You can safely progress through dangerous areas by using the correct timing.

Release Date[]

  • South Korea: 15 February 2024.

Corresponding Medal[]

Icon Name Description Honor Points
6940049224801246676 Employee C Clear Zombie Scenario map Trap of Arrogance 100 times (Normal difficulty or higher) 10


Jennifer2 msg
Soi msg
Zbs91boss msg

  • After the secret lab was destroyed, details of the cover-up spread.
  • Former allies turned their backs on Douglas Jacob,
  • who decided to take his wrath out on the world.
  • By simultaneously attacking his most important enemies,
  • he was able to convert their outposts for his own defense.
Wave 1 (starting point)
  • (Hint: Keep clear of the marks on the ground to live longer!)
  • Jennifer: Get away from the bombs!
  • Jennifer: Dr. Soi, is there some other way in?
  • Dr. Soi: Let's keep an eye out while dodging these bombs!
  • Dr. Soi: I think there's an unlocked door around here somewhere...
  • Jennifer: We've got to get away from these bombs somehow!
Boss appears at the top of the building
  • Jennifer: Look! Up there!
  • Dr. Soi: It must be whoever took over this place!
  • Agent C: Well, what have we got here? Two visitors, showing up unannounced?
  • Agent C: Well, you're lucky to be in the presence of a real gentleman! I'll have to give you a warm welcome!
  • Jennifer: ...Welcome?! This is OUR laboratory!
  • Jennifer: Hey look! There's a hole we can use over there! Get in there, quick!
  • Dr. Soi: For Aegis!
  • Jennifer: You better be running while you say that!
Disinfection room
  • Jennifer: *Cough cough* Uh... Is this cloud...poisonous?
  • Dr. Soi: No, don't worry. *cough* It's just harmless disinfectant.
Wave 2 (Subject Disposal Facility)
  • Jennifer: I can't believe we got inside.
  • Dr. Soi: Me either. Let's get going before they find us.
  • Jennifer: ...Infected!
  • Jennifer: I guess it's time to hunt.
Wave 3 (Cogwheel Facility 1)
  • Jennifer: Oh, great. Don't tell me we have to get through all these cogwheels!
  • Dr. Soi: There's no other way if we don't want to get spotted.
Wave 4 (server device facility and incineration facility 1)
  • Dr. Soi: Get ready for an explosion!
  • Jennifer: It looks like the electricity is still on, but we don't have time to go around.
  • Jennifer: Look! The explosions have a pattern.
  • Jennifer: Pay attention to the timing and we can walk around them.
  • Jennifer: Hey, what's that floating platform over there?
  • Dr. Soi: It's a flamethrower device we had been testing. Watch the timing and we can make it through unharmed!
Wave 5 (Contaminated Passage Space)
  • Jennifer: What is this? Some kind of miniature Angra Egg?
  • Jennifer: There's poisonous gas spewing out. We need to destroy it.
  • Jennifer: It must be the gas that's making me see things.
  • Dr. Soi: Jennifer, keep it together!
Wave 6 (subject cylinder and electric trap)
  • Jennifer: Over there! More infected are coming!
  • Dr. Soi: Why are they here? We need to be careful...
  • Jennifer: Did that jerk we saw earlier put this here?
  • Dr. Soi: Approach with caution, Jennifer.
Wave 7 (Cogwheel Facility 2)
  • Jennifer: More cogwheels. Fantastic.
  • Jennifer: Let's just keep moving.
Wave 8 (Incinerator 2)
  • Dr. Soi: I think the four devices need to be activated to open the locked door.
  • Jennifer: Got it. Stay here! I'll take care of it.
Wave 9 (honeycomb-shaped maze facility)
  • Dr. Soi: There should be something that controls the door at the lower level of the cylinder facility.
  • Jennifer: Ugh... I hate mazes! Can you tell me where to go from up there?
Wave 10 (Destination point)
  • Dr. Soi: We're quite deep into the laboratory now.
  • Jennifer: Just a bit further...

Wave 1 (starting point and disinfection facility)
  • Jennifer: Okay. Which direction next?
  • Dr. Soi: I think we should go through the disinfection facility.
Wave 2 (small cooling treatment facility)
  • Jennifer: Wow, it's cold here!
  • Jennifer: Hey, be careful not to get pushed off the conveyor!
  • Jennifer: We can get there either way, so pick a side...
  • Dr. Soi: Watch out, infected!
Wave 3 (above large cooling processing facility)
  • Jennifer: Looks like there's some huge area down below...
  • Dr. Soi: Good. That means we're on the right track.
Wave 4 (Large Cooling Processing Facility Main)
  • Jennifer: It just never ends. This laboratory is enormous...
  • Dr. Soi: That's so we can precisely control the environment. Alright, we can choose whichever side we want again.
  • Jennifer: Okay, just be careful not to fall off.
  • Dr. Soi: Understood. Hey, that emergency ladder over there looks useful...
Wave 5 (pendulum facility)
  • Jennifer: What's next? We better not die of exhaustion before we can retake this place.
  • Dr. Soi: It's just a bit further. Those platforms seem to work as a switch. Let's activate them!
Wave 6 (cross scaffolding facility)
  • Dr. Soi: The platforms work like alternating switches! Pay attention and jump to the other side at the right time!
  • Jennifer: Whew... What were they researching here?
Wave 7 (Mysterious Facility)
  • Jennifer: I mean...this place is amazing...I'd love to write an article about it someday...
  • Dr. Soi: This is an energy control mechanism.
  • Dr. Soi: Destroying the overloaded pieces should activate the sliders.
  • Jennifer: So, I just need to destroy the red or yellow parts, right?
Wave 8 (large central core facility)
  • Dr. Soi: Now we're in one of the most important areas of the laboratory.
  • Jennifer: How do we get through here?
  • Dr. Soi: Hmm... It looks like the central core isn't working...
  • Dr. Soi: The electromagnetic field will shut down if you destroy all side panels of the central core.
  • Jennifer: Got it. Destroy the side panels.
  • Jennifer: There's an emergency exit at the bottom of the core mechanism. Let's move!
Wave 9 (Crusher Facility)
  • Jennifer: We gotta get through this, too?
  • Dr. Soi: Unfortunate... Well, it's too late to go back.
  • Jennifer: Let's be careful and get to the other side.
  • Dr. Soi: It's been nothing but obstacles like these all day...
Wave 10 (Subject storage facility)
  • Jennifer: More incoming! We've got to kill these infected!
  • Dr. Soi: Ugh... I just...feel sorry for them...
Wave 11 large crane container storage facility
  • Jennifer: Looks like we can use the container hanging from that crane.
  • Dr. Soi: Did I ever tell you that I use to hate gym class...?
  • Dr. Soi: We're almost at the hangar!
  • Dr. Soi: Hmm... There should be an emergency power switch somewhere... I found it!
Wave 12 (train platform and arrival point)
  • Dr. Soi: The laboratory system seems to have been hacked!
  • Jennifer: So, what do we do?
  • Dr. Soi: We should get to the control tower just outside the hangar before we get trapped here.

Map 3 - Boss section dialogue string
  • Dr. Soi: This place is a mess...
  • Dr. Soi: Looks like they got in through here.
  • Jennifer: Listen! It sounds like someone coming...
(Boss appears)
  • Agent C: Hey hey, hey! We meet again!
  • Agent C: Did you two think you could save those researchers?
  • Agent C: No one gets out on my watch!
  • Agent C: So, you might as well get used to the idea of never leaving either!
  • Agent C: Now, let's see if you can take on me and these infected at the same time!
Boss skill linked message
  • Agent C: Hey, there! Well, if it isn't a few newcomers...
  • Agent C: Do you think you can get through my shield?
  • Agent C: It's time to spread the love!
  • Dr. Soi: Watch out for that attack! Activate your radio and send over those coordinates!
  • Dr. Soi: The shield has been activated! Get inside!
  • Agent C: Eh...not bad...
(Suppress the boss)
  • Jennifer: That arrogant jerk thought we'd be pushovers... I guess we proved him wrong.
  • Dr. Soi: Yeah, I couldn't stand a word out of his mouth, but it felt great to shut him up!
  • Jennifer: Okay, let's see how the other research facilities are doing...
  • Dr. Soi: Definitely. But let's make sure we've taken back control of our laboratory first.



  • This map reuses building structure from Envy Mask and Paranoia (BRIC complex), possibly it was taken over by Aegis Institute after the death of Dr. Rex.